To the moderators of this site, I applaud you for giving us this forum, but you need to RELATE TO US, not moderate us.

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There really is nothing else to say. I'll probably be kicked off.


What's up , Dunwoody? How are you? Other than p.oed at the moderators. Did they censor you too? Cap'n's been having a fit about the censorship. Where is the Cap'n? He didn't get kicked off did he????
I've been being censored too, tho I understand why they are doing it...keep it safe, keep it clean.... but at the same time, I think many of us are way ahead of this mechanics of this site.... I love it here, will not leave,,, but hope they catch up to the technology . There is no telling how many thousands of people are on this site....but I do take issue with admin not banning anyone, yet take it upon themselves to edit and censor..... start sending us emails when changes are going to be made like that, or make a discussion for us to participate in..... We do have some great ideas and suggestions to make this site more user friendly... don't know how many months ago a memorial page was requested..... nothing..... took forever to get new 'hugs'..... yet I can't say h^^l or d^^^n......... I am 63 years old, don't think I need a censor at this age....
i think its childish to moderate us. some of the cleanest family oriented tv shows use a moderate amount of profanity. america is reaching a 65 % non religious population and we dont care for the remaining 35% telling us what is and isnt appropriate. censorship flies in te face of personal freedom imo.
i worked for a heavy equiptment shop for a couple of years and the shop foreman was a god fearing christian. mind you, im the devils cabana boy. one day i caught the man disassembling the dashboard on a pickup truck that the company was trying to sell. he was rolling the speedometer back by about 100,000 miles. needless to say its something i would have never done to someone and in fact it made me physically ill. please dont witness to me i have morals that would put the average churchf**k to shame..
Yes! It is the reason my husband still wakes up and puts his ACU's on every morning... So we may have the right to speak as we wish!. I asked one a question last week, never got an answer. I guess the moderators do not want to be bothered. Huh.....
As much as some would like to think, we do not live in a Pollyanna world. If you don't want to hear rough language, then don't go to a middle or senior high school, watch prime time TV, go to the grocery store, listen to music, etc. If you choose to be offended by words, have at it. Personally I choose my battles. Words are just words and I don't have time to let it bother me. I think actions are more important than words any day. The people who come to this site are presently or have been caregivers who generally want to let off some steam. If you don't like salty language, just move on to the next post. I'd rather read about the real experiences here than to be judged and preached to by the holier than thou individuals who I'm quite sure are not without sin. IMHO censorship in America is an oxymoron, or it used to be, and it sends shivers up my spine.
Well said AlwaysMD!! Words alone are just words. IMO it's the intent behind them that becomes potentially harmful, and that's where we ALL need to be careful. A string of expletives used in the midst of a stressful vent doesn't bother me one iota. What offends me is when I see words - ANY words - used in a way that is hurtful, demeaning, belittling, unsupportive or destructive in any way. The moderators need to adjust their priorities. IMO.

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