Speaking of mixed up memories h*ll bent and whiskey bound.

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3rd time in 18 months mom flipped the h*ll bent switch, ran down the road, screaming and yelling I was trying to kill her. Police station is 3 blocks down the road, 3rd time they picked her up before I could get her...3rd time she told them I'm beating her. Got questioned (again)..... told them (again) she's got AD and just flips at times, especially if I'm not entertaining her. Tried to calm her down, put her pj's on but she kept the pretend screaming up.... tossed the covers on her fully clothed went and hid in my room and cried all night long. Oh...made sure the baby locks were securely on every single door knob in this house.

So... the only person I ever known to lay a hand on my mother was my late father...she doesn't remember him but apparently somewhere in that twisted mind of hers, she remembers getting hit.

Sigh. and another.... sigh


in your favor , the police see a lot of it with the aging population. try to be patient . if shes that out of it she might not be around long. youll want to look back and feel you did a good job. maybe family doc could prescribe her some tranquility. if not get him to prescribe some for you. sigh , indeed ..
Oh my heart goes out to you Jeannette! As much as I hate seeing my MIL stuck in a wheelchair (her worst nightmare come true) when the delusions and hallucinations start up I'm OH-so-thankful she's got limited mobility. I know if it weren't for that chair...well, there but for the grace of God, etc. I agree...big sigh. (((Hugs)))
my mom stood on the front porch one day and hurled sockets and wrenches into the driveway for ten minutes. she knew she was dying and it frustrated her. i let her expend herself and gently helped her back into the house. it was sad , id be frustrated too ..
its a time to show empathy and be kind..
cops and the elderly. now there's an interesting topic. down here in south florida it all depends on who's paying what property taxes, which pays the cops their six figure salaries. each and every time they came to this house, and there were many, there was only one question, who's name is on the deed. everyone else, you've got 15 minutes to pack your wagon and get out of here. i went down to the police station after one of these illegal evictions, pulled a copy of the police report, a total pack of lies. i wouldn't call those guys again if i was stabbed, raped, mugged and shot. they're a joke. when i told them a long ago i thought my mom was trying to kill herself by starving herself to death, they told me to wait until she passes out sometime and give us a call. long before she ended up in the looney bin. then i see the whole squad in the local diner having breakfast every morning at my families expense, on the time clock. it's enough to make me want to throw up in their free coffee.
I'm trying Cap... small town in Oregon and I am sure they're keeping tabs. That scares me. My girlfriend was telling me about her friend who took care of his mother for 2 years (COPD) she became bed-bound and developed bed sores. He had 2 care-takers coming in bathing and grooming her. He did the world for her but apparently it wasn't enough... he finally had to put her in a home or they were going t file some sort of charges against him for the bed sores. My girlfriends mother was a good friend of his mom's...she did some care taking for his mother.
Man... this is all trying enough without worrying about them ....

Now she see's someone down the hallway wearing something funny looking and there goes another night of sleep.

Dusty... I lived in Ft. Lauderdale for 18 years... going home one day...the police officers are totally different here. One more trip down the road like last night and one of us is going to the pokey... oh....I didn't call them, their station is 3 blocks from here. Hard to miss an elderly lady frantically running down the road.... d*mn shame she doesn't move that fast when we go to the store :/ my legs ache from the S_L_O_W paced walking.

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