Millions of people are suffering from dementia that lasts years. How can this be right?

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If an animal is suffering its put to sleep.There are 4.7 million people in the world with dementia with 7.7 million more diagnosed every year. There are many more millions of carers struggling to care for them. Wouldn't it make sense that, once a dementia patient has no longer got any quality of life to euthanize them?


And who decides about their quality of life? You? Hey, you sound like someone with a shred of compassion, probably better you than the next person. But you know darn well the caregiver that knows the person the best would not be the one to who will it be? Some doc who doesn't want the hassle of taking care of them? Medicare who wuld just as soon not pay for their care? The POA who has been abusing their power to rob them blind and collect any inheritance there might have ever been before you or someone else in the family gets a share? Not meaning to be mean here, but suppose that was legal...can you imagine the post on here enititled "My mom has no quality of life but she won't agree to euthanasia...even though all the healthcare people recommended it be done ASAP! How can I make her see that it's best for everybody?"
ive lost two elders to dementia ( and poor health ) in the last 3 years . in both cases i have reason to believe the dementia might have dulled their senses enough to actually provide relief from their physical health concerns . they were more blissfully unaware than they were troubled or scared . ( IMO )
Civilized societies do not euthanize human beings because they no longer useful. Who decides what is quality of life? How about severely developmentally delayed children? Euthanizing millions of people is not humane. Would you consider the nazis humane for their extermination of what they consider people of lesser value.
There are a few civilized countries that do allow doctors to euthanize patients as long as the person is competent and in major pain. The difference between the physician assisted suicide which is legal in some states and euthanasia is who administers the lethal injection.

Kaydi, the reason we cannot euthanize people with dementia is they need to be competent enough to make that decision on their own. Even if, in my opinion, that is in the form of an advanced directive decided when they are fully capable of making those decisions. No one else should be allowed to make those decisions on behalf of another person.
People can choose euthanasia, really. Many people kill themselves each year. Some places have legal assisted suicide. I read that California will soon be having legal "death with dignity." Many people with dementia don't want to die, however. They just want for it to be better. Sometimes someone will say, "I just want to die," but when you ask them if they want to die today, they say No. Euthanasia isn't all that easy. It's always something available for later in someone's mind, but not today.
My mother's dementia recently got worse so I joined a support group and one of the first posts was about euthanasia. I find that very depressing because I just want my mother comfortable and as happy as possible, not dead! I don't consider killing people to be compassionate. Suffering isn't nice but we all suffer in some ways.
I should correct myself. I used euthanasia and assisted suicide like they were examples of the same thing. They aren't. Euthanasia is done by someone else. Assisted suicide is done by the person themselves. I don't think euthanasia is legal in any of the more advanced countries.
Jessie, in coutries like Belgium, the Netherlands, and soon parts of Canada, people are allowed to have the physician administer the lethal dose. In the US, the doctors set up the lethal dose but do not administer it. Most people who chose to be euthanized are younger people stricken with a serious illness like terminal cancer.
So who decides in the countries where it's legal? Is there anyone who can honestly say that YOU would want to continue with life once there is no quality left? I know I certainly wouldn't. Maybe dementia patients could ask for euthanasia, while they still have mental capacity, for their life to be ended once the quality is gone?
Kaydi. I think that's the point - someone else decides - and people start getting involuntary euthanasia because someone else, rightly or wrongly decides their life must not be worth living, or worse still is not worth supporting. Respect for human life does downhill from there for all of us. The price of preserving respect for human life is that some of us struggle to provide for the comfort of loved ones or ourselves in any way possible while waiting for natural death to occur.

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