I've been doing a lot of reading about early-onset Alzheimers. Of particular interest is the study of an extended family of 5000 in Colombia, South America, who carry a genetic marker for early-onset Alzheimer's disease. I'm curious as to how many people on this forum are actually caring for a person age 35-55 with dementia, rather than a true elderly adult. There surely must be different issues to deal with, because the person is still physically fairly strong.

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I will be first in line (have already tried) to be tested for AD/Dementia. Apparently i runs in the women of our family on my mothers side... but of course ... thank GOD everyone thinks I take after my dad. I'd rather my brothers get it than me and God forbid I have to take care of one of them, especially the butthead one whom has NO one but himself. Wouldn't that be justice in life. NOT!

" columbia , south america "
where even fresh mountain air and crystal clear stream water are hallucinogens .
just sayin ---

I hope everyone plans on seeing "Still Alice" to be released in theatres across the country, next week I think.

Dealing with early onset I am sure is very different and much more difficult. There are a number of people on this forum that have and aome still are dealing with that. A friend of mine is dealing with early onset with his wife of 40 years. She is just 58 and recently was sent to a facility because her behaviors and wandering were becoming dangerous for both of them. He tried very hard to keep her at home, but just was not possible.

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