I've recently been told that the mercury found in the common flu shot has been linked to predisposing a person to Alzheimer's Disease!

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I have also heard that if you have had the flu shot for more than 5 years straight, you will be more likely to develop Alzheimer's. I have received the shot for at least 37 years straight. Does anyone know if this is true? I don't have Alzheimer's in my Family. But I take care of my husband who is in stage 6 of the disease. It is scaring me now to think that I might be the next one to get it!


there are preservative free flu shots available if you find this worrisome.
(this is from Alz.org, the website of the Alzheimer's Association)

Myth 6: Flu shots increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Reality: A theory linking flu shots to a greatly increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease has been proposed by a U.S. doctor whose license was suspended by the South Carolina Board of Medical Examiners. Several mainstream studies link flu shots and other vaccinations to a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease and overall better health.

A Nov. 27, 2001, Canadian Medical Journal report suggests older adults who were vaccinated against diphtheria or tetanus, polio, and influenza seemed to have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those not receiving these vaccinations. The full text of this report is posted on the journal’s Web site.

A report in the Nov. 3, 2004, JAMA found that annual flu shots for older adults were associated with a reduced risk of death from all causes. The abstract of that report is posted on PubMed.

Thanks. It sets my mind at ease to know this is not true!
wamnanealz, my parents are 93 and 97, both have been getting flu shots for over 30 years.... neither one has dementia/Alzheimer's, just age related memory lost like the rest of us have :P
My almost 92 year old Mother had flu shots every year for many years. She began developing signs of dementia at least 10 years ago. Getting progressively worse over the years. Pretty bad now but not totally demented. She has not had a vaccine in about 7 years, since I've been keeping an eye on her.
I do believe the flu vaccine and other vaccines can cause dementia. Mercury is a known neurotoxin, as is Aluminum (also used as an adjuvant in vaccines). Easy to look this up. I suggest you look up Dr. Joseph Mercola's health website, There have been dozens of studies on this subject. Many of the studies show the connection between sudden onset autism in young children right after they receive certain combination vaccines. Again, could be caused by certain ingredients and preservatives found in the vaccines.
You can't believe the so-called findings from one small study or from studies done by the drug companies. The FDA and AMA are financially supported by these drug companies, so their "studies" are not impartial.
I'll say it again: look up Dr.Joseph Mercola and subscribe to his newsletter and type in "dementia" or "Alzeimers" in the search box. This is the best health/medical website to consult.
I am in no way connected to Dr. Mercola, in case you were wondering!
Immunizations save lives!!!!!!! Influenza kills more elderly, yearly than any other condition. Children's vaccines? Read about diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetenus deaths prior to these dangerous so called vaccines. Don't forget about typhus and tuberculosis epidemics. Measles, mumps and rubella immunizations are also on the autism list of causes. My point-ignorance is not bliss.
Thanks for the pro-vaccine support. I don't want more rehab patients from flu complications over the holidays (we get up to 3-4 a year just on my small service at ACH, and those are the ones that make it, not the ones that die.) And I sure don't EVER want to see my infectious disease colleagues have to relearn to treat diptheria...or me to learn polio rehab for kids...and if I never saw another case of whopping cough again, it'll be too soon. Measles mumps and rubella can cause serious post-encpehalitis brain problems, though rare, still at a higher frequency than esitmated due to vaccines. My kids got all their shots, and I get all mine. Actually my flu shot is mandatory unless I had a medical contraindication, which I don't - and I don't mind.
Debralee, I agree with you. Back in 1918, long before there was a flu vaccine, 4% of the world population died in that flu pandemic.... Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968 and 1969 killed an estimated one million people worldwide.... when the H1N1/09 Flu Pandemic (2009–2010) hit, there were less deaths because people had been getting yearly flu shots.
I read Dr. Mercola sometimes, and some of his ideas are not bad, but this quote, "While death and complete disability from a flu vaccine may be rare, so is dying from the flu itself. So I strongly recommend weighing the risk of suffering a debilitating side effect of the flu vaccine relative to the more likely potential of spending a week in bed with the flu." (from articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/10/22/flu-vaccine-effectiveness.aspx) could only have been written by someone who never HAD the actual flu. It's more like TWO weeks and you feel like you are going to die...true, most people will be fine but not all by any means. Pregnant people and teens - and especially pregnant teens - and even just people with asthma - are especially likely to be clobbered with flu plus bacterial complications, and severe sepsis with all its consequences even given the best antibiotics we have to offer.

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