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On this website I have it set up that when I answer a post I will get email notification if others are also writing on the same post. For some strange reason it's not working this afternoon. Anyone else running into that?
I have had that problem and notified admin...they corrected it. Check your settings and see if you have a message from admin for an update on your email address.
sharynamarie, thanks I went into my account and cleared/reset, keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want to miss anything :)
Your welcome freqflyer!
eh , wth ..
cuz is being spiteful about me forcing her to take care of her mom for several days and wont let edna out of the NH for our little country drives . its her right as poa , but it is just warped in ways that i dont even care to figure out .
meanwhile edna sits in a wheelchair with no footrests , her feet dont touch the ground so all her lower body weight is on her hemmoroids . theres only so much i can do without troubling a very busy staff . a little frustrating for the moment but respecting and cooperating with the staff will pay off eventually .
patience old man , earn the respect of the staff ..
everybody is linked ..
poa aint right in the head . shes already threatened a lawsuit against staff .
poa - 1
old man - 0 , but with growing alliances .. aps understands i was being taken advantage of and rebelled . aps is a major ally . staff is feeding my gaunt azz at times . thisll get interesting all at once . aps might not have lied to me , they might really be in the process of seizing guardianship ..
for today?... why does he poo on the floor and cover it with a towel? WHY? I don't get it? I know its dementia and there are times he is out of it totally but THAT? why? and then when I ask him he says if I don't like it I can move out, so THAT makes me really wonder if he is doing it on purpose? ON the bright side!!! I found out he is 3 months away from being placed in a facility!!! WHOOPIE... now I need a job and clothes and on flip that I need clothes that do not have poo and pee and bleach stains on them and then a job that doesn't have poo or pee in it either, i'm thinking something in Siberia wayyy far away from my oh so loving family (hardee har har)... what do y'all think?
Ypiffani, not so bad as my dad. He had all night to 'play' with his poop. I woke up in the early morning smelling the 'aroma' wafting in the air. Just from the smell, I KNEW it was going to bad. It was bad. He had smeared poop all over his chest, back, inside his shirt, outside his shirt, on his pants and pamper. He's bedridden. I had to cut his new shirt because there's no way of taking it off without the poop landing on his face, head, hair.... The whole time, he's saying, "Why are you cutting my shirt? That's not poop. That's dirt. I'm not stupid to play with my poop. Quit treating me like a child." Ugh!!! The whole time, I wanted to walk out and never come back.

For you, I'm glad that he's going to be placed soon. Let them handle the yucky gross stuff. FYI, you still need to do visits at different hours just to make sure he's being taken care of.
siberia ? better keep the old stained clothes too .
you gals are strong to deal with the incontenance day in and out . thats about as s*itty as it gets .
ive rested for 3 days and believe i could wrestle some big stumps thru the log splitter today . big stumps thru the log splitter explains why ive been resting for 3 days . it cyclical ..
ill stop and visit nurse dorreens behind , i mean , aunt edna , on the way if PIA hasnt had me barred from the place yet . i clipped ednas hair out of her eyes . that would make for a most interesting emergency protective order hearing .. id want to be there for that one .
What's wrong with Siberia? too close? too hospitable? you're right... they might still visit.
ooogie Bookluvr... you're right. you win! we both need vacations!

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