My Mom fell and went to a nursing home to rehab. Medicare says she is not progressing and will stop paying.


She is 89 and has alzheimer's. I want to bring her home. She is a two person assist. How do I get PT at home and how to get her insurance and medicare to pay for hospital bed, walker, etc. I will need to rent a lift as I person cannot take care of her. Or do you think that she is better off staying in the nursing home.

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Does anyone know the rules about Medicare and home health care? 94 yr. old mom broke her hip last month and spent 3 weeks total in hospital and rehab. She was living independently in her 3 story house with some paid help coming in M-F for about 6 hrs. a day. Now mom is home on conditions such as continued PT and OT and that someone must be with her 24/7 until she is in better shape. Everyone is very pleased with her recovery progress (except Mom who thinks it is going too slowly). The cost of having her very nice caregiver ($30 hr.) 24/7 is really getting expensive. Not to mention this need to sleep on the couch (hospital bed is now on the main floor in the living room) is hard on the caregiver and her family! My sister has been staying at night over the weekend and will be staying all week as her husband is out of town on business...but...that will come to an end.
question is, can Medicare help pay for some of the home care? And if so, how does that work?
The need for a person is to help mom get up and off the bed and to the walker and back as the complications from the hip surgery has "messed up my organs" and the bathroom issues come up at night.

Her doctors are all very proud of her recovery and her attitude of "can do" and are glad she wanted to go home as MRSA is in the rehab places back there.

Please look at a recent US District Court Ruling in Vermont Jimmo vs Sebelius. Just Google the case, I'm not a lawyer, but I think it makes clear that failure to show improvement can no longer be used as a reason for Medicare not to continue care. Then depending on your opinion, contact an elder care attorney.

I do agree with Carol - NH might be best at this point and you can look after her needs. Since she is already at the NH/rehab. you could apply for Medicaid as funds are depleted rapidly with the high cost of NH. I realize the NH decision is a difficult one; but can be the best. Hugs to you and take care.

Hi Pellapat,
Unless you can pay for everything you need for her and be with her 24/7, I think she'd be better off in a nursing home with you nearby as her advocate. She needs an enormous amount of help. To try to do that at home would be a huge undertaking. Also, getting PT at is difficult in many places and impossible in others. Medicare will likely pay for a walker, but not likely a hospital bed for your home. She may have another policy that will cover that, but I don't think that's your biggest issue. Please think this through carefully.
Take care of yourself, too.

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