I am going on medicare/medicaid.

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There is a truck and loan in my name but it is my daughters as she could not get a loan. Wants to trade in one she made the payments, insurance in her name even though truck in mine she buys the tires and oil changes everything for the truck couple thousand still owed on it about what the cash value is is it ok to do this? I just sign off on it and she use it on a trade in since she is the one that has money invested in the truck. I go on medicade few months..she has had the truck a couple years now not even where I live but the truck and loan in my name which if do this the loan no more and the truck not in my name no more..

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Hello calers60. I thought that you may find this article helpful. https://www.agingcare.com/Articles/asset-limits-to-qualify-for-medicaid-141681.htm

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