Medicaid cancelling policy. Any advice?

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I currently live in NY with my wife and 5 year old son. Medicaid recently sent a letter stating that they need proof of income. My wife currently makes around $1600/mo and we live with our parents whom we pay $400/mo rent too along with other expenses... I am currently unemployed.

I'm confused since i see different charts/requirements/income thresholds online and I also called in. Online I saw to be eligible income should be around 20k a year for 3 member family... however when I called n a rep told me $1173 BEFORE taxes, etc (not sure if I hear them right)?

I can provide bank statements showing the deposits etc... They want us to go into the office to do so but I wanted some advice first.. Would they accept this amount and would we still be eligible? I really don't like the thought of not having coverage, especially for my son.

I would truly be grateful to anyone that can help us and guide us in the right direction. I don't want to make sure situation worst. They just don't make this easy to understand I guess.


Meant to say they require proof of income or will cancel our coverage. Sorry.
I don't know if this is the best forum for your question. Many people know about Medicaid when it comes to placing elders in nursing homes, but Medicaid coverage for low-income younger people is very different. If you do not qualify for Medicaid, my advice would be to look for insurance through your state's marketplace under the Affordable Care Act. Since your family's income is low, you should be able to get insurance there that you can afford. Hope it all goes well.
BTW, Medicaid does require proof of income, so you should provide it. That is a reasonable request.
Thanks Jessie and yes I agree.. I thought we submitted this a while back but I guess not. Do you think a family of 3 would be eligible for medicaid with this kind of income? I'm not familiar with insurance and its rather confusing. Could you tell me what the income requirements are for a family of 3 in NY?

I don't mind paying a fee if we can afford.. but living on this income is not easy especially when you factor in the bills. I wish I had the income to pay for private insurance believe me. Lol.
If for some reason you don't qualify for Medicaid, it is what the Affordable Care Act is all about. Just visit to enroll. The will route you to the NY marketplace. At $1600 in NY, one would think your family would qualify for Medicaid. I don't live in NY, though, so don't know the numbers. (I could tell you if you were a senior going into a nursing home -- a different thing. :)
Proof of income is generally shown by paystubs, not by bank deposits. Your son will surely be eligilbe for ChildHealthPlus, which is a Medicaid sponsored child insurance program. Take your records and go visit the office in person, you will get better information.
Income: bring pay stubs for at least 3 months, including unemployment benefits you collect or disability payments. Include tax refunds you got.
Rent: bring PROOF of rental payments to parents. Of course they declare the rental income on their tax return, that's a proof. Very significant item, since Medicaid will count you all as one household without that proof.

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