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Hello, My parents who are above 65 years of age and are a permanent resident (aka Green Card) of the USA are trying to get medically insured under a current system.
Based on what we read online and heard from people in similar situations, we have collected the following facts:

1) They are not eligible for Medicare as they have not contributed for 10 quarters towards Social Security.
2) Obama Care is not applicable for people 65 and over.
3) Private insurance costs are very high and most of them do not even cover pre-existing conditions or provide very limited coverage on pre-existing with very high premiums and deductibles.

The only option we can think of is to apply for Medicaid, but by reading the fine prints of Virginia medicaid we have the following question:

As they are over the age 65 and above, they need to fill out a Appendix D and Section 3 of that form ask about the details of 'Resources and Assets' of an applicant.

Under 'Resources and Assets' it asks specifically for cash in hand, checking and savings account, pensions, Certificate of Deposit (CD), real property, etc. They do not have any such asset in the USA, but they get a pension from Indian government every month, have bank accounts, CDs, and a property (fixed asset) in India.

My question: Any form related to Medicaid specifically Appendix D is applicable to ONLY US income, pension and real asset of an applicant or it includes any income, pension, assets belong to an applicant from rest of the world.

Link to Appendix D form from State of Virginia:


I don't have an answer but I do have a question. Have your parents moved through the process beyond having the green card to being naturalized as full US citizens?

There is a very fine line of distinction.

Yes Sir, They need to maintain GC status for five years to be eligible and they will be filing a US citizenship on the first day they get eligible.

My question is specific to the current situation where they need to maintain GC status for another approx 4.5 years.

I appreciate your response, but it would be really helpful if we keep our discussion specific to the original question that will further help us not to get off-tracked or off the topic. Thank you for understanding.
What I'm saying is that a person with a green card alone is not eligible yet for medicaid because they are not a full citizen yet.

I must not be clear as to what exactly you are asking?
Your plan reminds me of USA adult children who hide their parents assets and then dump them on Medicaid. Personally I hope you live in a state with filial responsibility laws, so the state comes back and sues you personally for dumping them. Look up HCR vs. Pittas. In that one, mom went back to Greece and the son had to pay a $93K bill. We call it "Justice".
You and your parents should be ashamed of yourselves. Medicaid is for the poor. People who have assets conveniently elsewhere are not poor. Use the Indian assets to pay your bills, hiding assets to live off the state s not cool.
pamstegman and lsmiami..You guys are idoits..Yes I am using this language as you have not understood the question well and cussed me especially my parents.

Where did I say I am going to take benefit of state medicaid by hiding any information? We are just looking for information and rather the fact about whether we need to write only US income and assets or rest of the world as well. Try to understand what's been asked rather cussing anyone without understanding their intentions.
I think that it means all assets, where ever they are. But it should be a simple matter to contact the agency that collects the filled-in forms and ask the question.

Is there a reason not to bring the Indian assets into the US for use in caring for your parents?

I wish you well.
smarwaha2006, check with Kaiser health insurance. A good friend of mine who's in-laws were here from the old country visiting for a year, and who are in their late 80's and early 90's signed up with Kaiser. It wasn't cheap but it was the best they could find. It could have been that one of grown children has Kaiser and was able to add their *dependent* parents to their own policy, I am not sure.

My friend's mother-in-law recently became a U.S. citizen and eventually plans to move to the U.S. to be with her grown children. She plans to sign up for Medicaid which really infuriates my friend because her in-laws are considered well off in the old country, the father in-law gets a large pension from the government, they have a lot of assets. Neither in-law has contributed one dime to U.S. income taxes or to the State income taxes. Of course the father-in-law wouldn't be eligible for Medicaid because he doesn't have his U.S. citizenship and doesn't plan to get it. He will have to find private health insurance, such as Kaiser.

Hope everything works out for your parents. Please note that the Commonwealth of Virginia has not put any extra funding into Medicaid. Lot of people in the Commonwealth are going without health care. The new Governor is trying to change that, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

smarwaha, have they been in the US for five years? If so, they can apply for Medicare. The premiums will be higher, I'm sure, than they will be for people who have paid into the system, but Medicare is still an option. If you check into it, please let us know how much it would cost. That way we will know if someone else has a similar question in the future.

Off-shore assets are always a huge question in any government. Your question is complex and is probably beyond the knowledge of most people in the group. If your parents are permanent residents of the US and the state they live in, they may qualify for Medicaid assistance. The Medicaid officials themselves will probably need to figure out how offshore assets will be considered. If they do not plan to return to India, would it be possible to sell the property they own and deposit the money in the US so they can use it? Would it also be possible, since they plan to stay permanently in the US, to transfer the money in their bank accounts here? This property and money does not do them much good in India, since it is difficult for them to access and use.

What the legalities of the offshore assets are, I do not know. I do not see a mention of how long they have been in the US. This is a huge consideration. The offshore assets are a question best fielded by a Medicaid official. They will let you know what is needed if your parents apply.
smarwaha, I have done a little reading and the offshore assets may not be considered by Medicaid legally. I understand your questions about how to figure out what to put. It becomes such a balance between legal and moral considerations. It may be that non-fluid assets held offshore do not have to be reported. Definitely don't take my word for this. I would ask an attorney who is well versed in law for senior immigrants.

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