I feel a massive group hug coming on. I'll start.

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((((((((((((((( YOU GUYS)))))))))))))))


boni's either been into the cat nip or the liquid panty remover. eh i guess its cool to get a little mushy sometimes. im emotional as s**t too right now. potentially life prolonging hepc treatment officially approved today after three h*** on earth previous attempts, transforming from mid aged powerhouse to senile old cat, watching another elder failing, and i miss my mom..
sorry, not attention seeking, just throwing my emotional state out here too..
of course, group hug * .
( * , i grab a** . )
drunk a** boni probly botched supper and is trying to draw attention away from the cooking thread.
Good luck with your hep c treatment captain! Glad it was approved.....feel better.
Bob, you made me laugh so hard I spit my diet coke all over my screen! YES, I am high as a kite on kindness and love. So sue me. I will be Praying/sending positive vibes for your HepC treatments. (((((((BOB))))))
(((((( bob's )))))) nuts..
Captin..how did we know you were an arse grabber!!! Good luck with the new treatments!
My BIL did ribavirin and interferon ten years ago. It worked, the hep C has been undetectable since. Have hope. Aunt Edna needs you to stick around.
Boni: either this is a good idea or we are all affected by the full moon. I'm really not sure which. Thanks for the GH
you knew, who are you trying to B - S ..
thank you..
"drunk a** boni probly botched supper and is trying to draw attention away from the cooking thread."


Now THAT was funny! Love your smart@ss humor captain and YOUR good sense of humor Boni. My husband wondered what I was laughing about and I told him it's too 'inside baseball' to explain. He'd look at me like I had three heads.

Love you guys for the humor and a laugh!

So here's my ((((HUG))) to everyone along on this bumpy ride.
**squishes you guys** So glad all of you guys are around! :D

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