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If you can get yourself one I highly recommend it. It has really helped accelerate my recovery from neck surgery. If you can get your MD to write a px, or guilt a gift certificate from your deadbeat siblings, go to school for massage students, anyway you can do it, do it! Get at least an hour one. And if you think you can't leave your loved one alone for just 1 hour this might be a way to evaluate if they need to go to Al or NH. This job can't be done by one person 24/7 because you will wear out, it will just be a matter of time.If you can't take just 1 hour for yourself then you need to reevaluate your living situation.It has helped me reevaluate my situation with my mother for the better.Even nurses at the Al or NH get about an hour for lunch.


Good attitude you have there. Even live-in companions now are required by law to have breaks, 8 hours rest and days off. The sooner one realizes they are not superhuman, the better it is for all, including the patient.
I actually went to massage school a few years ago, as a mid-life, extracurricular thing, lol. I completed the course, but don't do it for a living. And yes, it feels very self-indulgent, but it's SO beneficial for well-being, and recovery from injury too.
The tip to go to a massage school for a lower cost massage from a student is a good one. As part of our course, I completed a number of hours doing this for the public, and it was very good experience.
I know it actually helps with recovery from my neck surgery but I also think it helps me be a little nicer and a little more patient with "Mommy Dearest".
I agree 1000% percent! I don't go to the movies, I hardly go to a Dr., I don't eat out (unless brother is paying) I don't go to concerts or plays. I spend my "entertainment" money on Massages!
I lived down the block from a massage school for 20 years and got them often. I also traveled quite a bit when I was in adverting and have had massages in 6 states and 3 countries.
Now that I am a caregiver my brothers and Mom call it Mandatory!
It's been a while, but if I remember correctly....Massages are better than sex!
i call BS boni . in my experience ( and i aint young ) a massage was just a foot in the door and always ended up with sex and enough endorphine afterwards to put a meth addict to sleep .
I admitted it's been a while and my memory isn't great but NOW if I were offered the choice.......Massage every time.
I've always wanted to experience a massage. I was always worried about mistaking a legitimate massage to a shady massage parlor. Know what I mean? The 100% for sure legit places are in hotels. But those are so expensive. I saw an email flyer from one. I'm sure having massages would help alleviate my headaches, neckaches and shoulder pain.
I used to have severe shoulder pain which used to last for hours, and the pain was unbearable. I used to take a lot of antibiotics due to this. But the pain only minimized for a small period and comes back with double effect. It was a therapeutic massage therapy at Dynamic Physiotherapy in Mississauga that helped me recover completely. The soothing feel I obtained and the post treatment results all together, it was a wonderful!

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