What do MCOs do with the COB and MSP files?

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Why do you ask?
mco - managed care organization
cob - coordination of benefits
msp - Medicare secondary payer

No, I'm not that smart. I had to look it up. Then I wondered why it was important to know.
Thanks for the research, Jessie. I also had to look them up and learned that there are actually 3 types of MCOs:


Seems to me that any organization that is responsible for medical payments would have established filing systems, just as doctors, hospitals and other medical providers would. I don't even understand why such a question would be asked.

I certainly wouldn't ask any of our doctors what they do with the data and records they maintain. They're governed by HIPAA laws anyway if the issue is one of privacy. And medical filing systems have a lot of commonalities so it's not as if this is a creative topic for each MCO to reinvent the wheel for filing systems.

I too wonder why the question, although I also wonder if this is just to see what responses the poster will get. I notice that there's nothing in the profile to indicate this person is a caregiver, or any other insight into his/her interest.

Sometimes people just like to provoke others. Let's see if the poster comes back and explains his/her interest.
Probably won't provoke a response, since it isn't a very interesting question.
JessieBelle - lol! You'd have to health policy wonk to care. Hands up waving!

Pri - CMS is the clearinghouse for Medicare & medicaid, so I'd imagine all files go to CMS to die electronically.

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