Mississippi man pronounced dread and wakes up 2 hours later in bodybag at funeral home.

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I heard this on the news today.. They said that the coroner pronounced him dead because his pacemaker stopped working then later started working..?


I had to look this up because it sounded like a good Snopes story (urban legend). But it's true! http://www.wmctv.com/story/24849212/mississippi-man-declared-dead-wakes-up-in-body-bag Crazy!!
indy va is a govt model for medicine. once when i was having an upper endoscopy i sat and answered questions for a doc and nurse. suddenly they both agreed it was time for a " time out " . they walked away, fidgeted with a few related details , then both revisited me at the desk. i think they were breaking up the process to avoid becoming entranced or hypnotized. clearing their thoughts, etc.. its a bada**ed hospital . when other va's around the country screw up, techs are sent from indy to straighten them out..

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