Did anyone see the news about male strippers at the nursing home?

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It's the place, down the block, where Mom stayed for rehab. We saw it on the local news this morning, and now it's on TMZ! Mom will NOT be going back there EVER! LOL


website: longisland.news12/news/east-neck-nursing-center-in-west-babylon-sued-after-allegedly-hiring-male-stripper-1.7640793
I did not see it but I know some seniors that are probably lining up to get in as we speak. LOL
The comments are exactly what I expected.. Goes to show how most people are clueless about the elderly..
My apologies if my remark seems tasteless. Considering some of the raunchy e-mails my elderly friends send me, I was certain they'd come up with something like this, though.
Not at all Geo. I'm sure she meant the comments on the article.
Far out-I think it is WONDERFUL...& I am an R.N.-what ever works....
I need to say that when I first started out in nursing over 42+ years ago, I recall a patient I had at a V.A. hospital who had suffered a stroke. He never spoke all the time I worked there. I had him as a patient several times. Now the picture of me is a recent one so picture me 42+ years ago-
I was caring for this man, talking to him all the time & he moved his hand up & grabbed my breast. I was so thrilled that this was the first time he had moved in months & he smiled after nothing but a flat affect (no expression).
All I can speak of is my experience. I made sure I visited him from that day on when in the V.A. He eventually was discharged to home & did get into physical therapy also. A success because I did not freak out as he reached for my breast. What ever works.
LOL..I did mean the comments on the article!! I know all us friends here on AC know what we're up against dealing with the inexperienced caregivers..It's sounds comical to the readers but would be frightening to a dementia patient and extremely embarrassing..

What was that NH thinking?
I would be totally appalled if the staff did it to mock the residents.

I can however recall my dad"s favvorite Birthday, about 70 or so, when mom hired him a belly dancer, his brothers in law, friends and neighbors who were mostly in their 80s really enjoyed the show. When the dancer left, mom asked dad, do you want the same thing for next year, he responded what are you trying to kill me?

If it made residents laugh or recall a good time, go for it! I do confess I LOL,
What's the address Boni? How long is their waiting list? I want a bed!

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