Male caregivers in home health care agencies.

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male caregivers in home health are just as nuturing, compassionate and empathetic as females

there are families who are seeking male caregivers but for lack of candidates females are selected


Not mt experience, Many on a "short fuse"
We have many male caregivers, but have a hard time placing them because the families request female caregivers.
My mother has a male home health care nurse. He is kind, patient, thorough and efficient. At first, I thought a female would be better for my mother, but now I don't think it matters at all.
Although at first we were cautious about having a male caregiver for my step-father who is bedridden, three years after the fact found that he was one of the best we ever had the fortune of having. He eventually moved on to other work, but continues to come and visit as a loyal friend and now has become part of the family. My feeling is that the men have a bit more feeling especially when dealing with other men. Wouldn't have changed our decision one bit not to mention miss having someone as reliable as he was.
I was a nurse in a nursing home for many years. I had both good and bad aides, both male and female. Both genders are equally flawed and/or perfect. :) Each person is an individual and can have good days, bad days. Good temperaments, bad temperaments. Good work ethics, bad work ethics. Honest, dishonest. Good judgement, bad judgement. These things know no gender.

I will say my grandma when she was in a nursing home, she LOVED her male nurse aides!! They were so much stronger generally as a rule... she said she felt so much safer with them doing her transfers and lifts, etc. When I think of bad situations with aides, both males and females come to mind, same as when I think of my favorites, as in who I knew I could trust to use good judgement, compassionate, etc... again, both males and females come to mind.

Same as with anything else. Try to judge the book by its cover. Watch and SEE what is what. No one is perfect. Try to judge the by their heart and cares they provide and not superficial qualities. Some of the aides that SEEMED the best during interviews were HORRIBLE. Some of the ones that SEEMED questionable ended up being fantastic.
I find some clients do request male caregivers but don't seem to get many male applicants and when I do they only want live in positions.
Good grief, in this day and age are we still guilty of sexism? It's the person's ability, not their sexual gender!
I used both male and female caregivers for my dad. I had good experiences with both. I noticed the male caregivers could lift and transfer my father more easily. My father was a tall man.

However, his principal home health aide for 4 yrs was female and they got along very well. She had good ways of transferring him as he lost mobility.

I think it is most important for the home health aide to develop a respectful relationship with the elder. I was fortunate to find aides who were respectful to my father and I felt he was in good hands while I worked.


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