Do any of you make little sounds as you go about your day?

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Strange question. Does anyone else here find themselves making little sounds during the day? I make these quiet sounds that are almost like a wounded animal when I do things. I know it is because of the stress and solitude of the house. I thought I was the only one hearing them, but yesterday my mother asked me why make sounds. I didn't tell her that it was probably stress, I told her it was just something I always did.

Then I thought -- maybe I am weird. Or maybe I do feel like a wounded animal going through each groundhog day.


Its good your mom pointed it out, these little quirks can become so ingrained that we can find ourselves doing them in public and not even realize! I have been told I sigh a lot, and I know I tend to b%*ch and grumble to myself under my breath. When I was shopping with my sis she asked me why I was grumbling so much in the change room while I was trying on swimsuits LOL.
I think maybe being so isolated makes you tend to verbalize more, if I had someone else to talk to I would probably just talk about what was bothering me out loud, to them.
JessieBelle I make all kinds of sounds throughout the day - more like a sound effect track that I add to my life. I do it mostly when I'm alone and sometimes I laugh to myself that if someone hears me, they'll think I'm nuts. I also talk to bugs outside as I try to step over goes on and on. I'm sane, just very animated in my sound effects, LOL!!
Mine is where I inhale a lot of air into my cheeks and let it out in kinda a sigh :0
I wonder what a caregiver sound effect tape would sound like. I feel so much better just reading what you guys wrote.

A few minutes ago I went to the living room to record the Chase bill I had paid online for Mom. She asked me if I knew anyone who moved furniture. (woof) She wanted to have the single bed moved from the back room to her bedroom and move her big bed the other way. (grunt) We have been through the unhappy-with-bed thing now twice in three years. Then she added that I would have to get some new mattresses for the little bed. Of course, I could see two days of my time evaporating with the end result being she still wasn't happy. (sigh)

I told her to just be happy with what she had. Her bed was fine and we weren't going to go through this again.
Being a cat lover, I also have a killer "cat in heat sound" effect that I use for times when I'm frustrated, like when I can't get a jar open. Rrrrrooooowwwwwwww. :)
There is nothing better than a soulful wolf howl to rid ourselves of a lot of sorrow and stress.

Blannie, what you wrote made me think. I have rabbits. They grunt and make little oof, oof sounds. I didn't realize I was imitating them until you wrote that about cats.
I sing in the car... it;s a stress reliever! Maybe thats why we do this? I also "humph" alot
Running commentary with me, I'm afraid. No one's noticed, unless they're just too polite to say.

I use the Miss Piggy karate chop noise for swatting garlic, though. If you do it hard enough the bulb doesn't fly across the kitchen.
I found that I was spending WAY too much time alone or without any "real" conversation. My bulldog and I have had very complex conversations. And the really weird and possibly troubling thing after a rough day was the frequent use of the pirate word....AARRGGH!

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