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Not a bad idea! I'm not sure about my bucket list items... Well, one would be to travel to see either a total solar eclipse or the aurora borealis.

What are some of yours?
Ever since I bought an SUV, I've got this thing in my head that I want to find out if you can drive from here (British Columbia) to Chile.

Failing that I definitely want to drive across Canada. Probably while listening to the best of Canadian music. Rush, Joni Mitchell, Blue Rodeo, Tom Cochrane.....maybe some Gordon Lightfoot, Sylvia Tyson, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Stan Rogers....(GOT to have "Northwest Passage"* at the VERY least!)....

* For my American friends:

(Jeez, I'm cryin'.  Why does Stan Rogers' voice make me cry?)

To start with:
1. Travel to every beach possible.
2. To have a garden with the brightest colors imaginable.
3. Make the most perfect sourdough bread.
I’ve always wanted to travel far more than I’ve gotten to do. Too many places to name. For now I’m making an effort to see in concert people and groups I’ve long enjoyed, I’ve seen two so far and have two more planned in the next few months.
Make homemade raviolis.
I saw Bob Dylan on concert last fall. He was absolutely horrible, but it was a check on the bucket list!

Traveling some. Keeping my family together. Learning to paint. Constantly working on being a better person. Moving to a more Sr. friendly home (against hubby's wishes)

Cooking the perfect turkey--whoops, done that about 30 times......

Learning to take criticism and not fall apart.

Get back in touch with old friends who have drifted away.

Listen more, talk about 50% less.
Hubs and I plan to take an Alaskan cruise/train trip. We have had a good and well traveled life, but I no longer care to fly much. This is one trip we have always wanted to do.. and by gosh we will!! Someday...
We have a lot of travel stuff on our bucket lists! Lol. Well, I would also like to....

Ride a roller coaster. (I'm terrified of heights.)

Jam with the band that has created the soundtrack of my entire adult life - Blue Rodeo. (This will probably never happen but it's still on my list and I even know how to play about half of their songs.)

Visit my ancestral home. (Literally a student hall of residence in Bristol now.)

See a Broadway show on actual Broadway in NYC.

Learn another language.

Get really super fit.  (This one has become huge in my head ever since I injured my leg and hip and started getting soft.)

Buy my own bow and arrows so I can practice archery. (I just started learning from a friend.)

Some of these are actually do-able!
My goal is to go to the moon or out in space and look back at earth.
Dear Friends,

Thank you for sharing your list. I definitely need some inspiration. I wish I knew what I wanted to do sometimes. Maybe live in Paris one day, but we'll see how it goes.

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