I am a low income independent senior on social security, I cannot afford to live in those places that you are showing . I like nice places to.

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i am use to nice neighberhoods, but sence i moved here my income places me elsewhere i have a daughter on ssi we would like to move together but can't afford it,so what can we do,we are able to take care of our selves but just old i just stopped working.so how can we find a nice place to stay and low income.


You can check with your local dept of aging....here in wisconsin, we have an aging and disability resource center....you should have similar services. If you call them, they can send you info on all the places in your area that will accept HUD housing assistance. There unfortunately is a waiting list, but the quicker you put yourself on that list, the sooner you can move into a place you want. They are fedderally subsidised places and you only pay 30% of the rent. I mention this to you, because I was considering this for my mom who is on ssi alone, so she more than likely would qualify, and there is a brand new place up the street from where I live that takes this funding....so yes, you may find a very nice place to live, and be able to afford it. You can also seek out a place, and then yalk with the landlord, and see if they will accept that kind of housing arrangement...some do. There are options out there, but I suggest calling your local dept of aging....every county has one. Start there, or go online as well...that's where I started.
Good luck to you!
Sorry, I meant Talk to the landlord...darn fingers typed too fast:)
Well, of course you want a nice place and you deserve it! I am posting some links here that I hope will help you be able to find a nice place for both you and your daughter. It is wise of you to want to live together and share expenses as well as companionship. Here are the links I wanted to share with you:
(1) This link is for Florida help with any need you have as a senior including finding nice but affordable housing. There are a LOT of links on this page and a lot of info that will help you to find a nice place as well as receive any other needed assistance.
(2) This is a link to request a phone call from someone at Aging Wisely who will offer practical help for FREE in finding a nice affordable place. Just fill out the form at this link and they will call you.
(3) This link lists senior housing options nation-wide. You can choose the location you want to search.
(4) If you think you might want assisted living while being independent,

I hope you can find what you need here. I will look for more options for you and post them here for you.
As promised, here are more resources to find nice yet affordable housing. Click on these links from the state of Florida.

I am sure you can find what you need at these two as well as the others I posted for you above.
You have two choices. The "size of your house" or "the location of your house" to make it more affordable. If the choice is for the level of care you need to move somewhere where the wages are depressed. All of these seem to point rural to me or Costa Rica.
I would like a list of assisted living places with prices and amenities.
terrimerritts I see no links in your comment, can you send them?
Thank you
In my town, the subsidized housing in always in an iffy neighborhood, which I think it outrageous. The very people most vulnerable to crime would be seniors and disabled.
Do contact your local dept on aging but this site may be helpful as well.
I too am a low income senior living on Social Security only. My income does not qualify me for help in food SNAP. I pay $300.00 out in health care with Medicare and AARP Supplement? It is a worry every day with prices going up and up. Where do I turn for help?

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