Have you ever had experiences when a loved one that you had a very close bond with would come back and visit and knew when you needed them?

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Mom was 74 when she passed away this past September on the 24th of the month. She died of cancer and me and her were very close. Since she has passed I have had cardinals visit me. I had a praying mantis( a pretty good size one) with it's hands in the praying position to turn it's head and stand up on it's back legs and look at me as though it wanted to whisper something to me. I have heard her call my name when Dad was in trouble. He was sitting on the kitchen floor one night and had no idea how he got there or how long he was there and If I had not heard Mom crying out my name then I would have never known he was there. I have asked my Mom for help a few times and she has answered me and a few days when the weather was cloudy I asked for her to make the sun come out. I wanted a bright cheerful day and out the sun came and it was just as bright as can be. Night time is the hardest for me because it was dark outside when she passed and therefore that is when I cry the most. I loved her with all of my heart and I truly hope I will continue to have her visits with me because it is a special event when it does happen. Love you Mom, always and forever!


Yes, this can and does happen, thankfully, Pennies/coins from heaven also are a clue a loved one is looking out for you;
No, I have not had the experience of a deceased loved one giving me signs. But I am glad you are having an experience that brings you comfort.
Dear Angel, I'm glad your mom is looking out for you and answering your calls for help. I so badly wish for a sign from my dad. On the two month anniversary of his passing, I found a 5 cent coin. He had passed around 5pm. I thought it might be a sign, but I did not want to grasp at straws. I'm looking for other signs, but I haven't had any. I wish I knew he was okay.
My Mom isn't buried here where I live. She is buried miles away because she wanted to be buried with her adopted mother. Mom was abused as a child by both of her parents so I haven't been able to visit her since I have Dad here who I still can't believe is still here. I am having a hard time believing that Mom is gone first because I keep thinking it wasn't suppose to happen that way and having Dad here is like living with misery. Mom always said the same thing. There was no happiness with Dad.. but oh well. I have to say this though. Mom has come for him and I hope she knows soon when he is suppose to go with her. I am looking for the day when I can go see Mom again and visit her just the same. One of the things I have done is talk to her when I feel she may be near me and buy things to put in the house that were her favorite.
I have had connections woth loved ones who passed over in the past and when my husband passed away, well nothing. Months have passed. On youtube I found "our song" and as I listened to it, I was with him in spirit, dancing in his arms. My body was still on planet earth but our spirits were together as we danced to our song. I felt peace finally. Don't try too hard, when time is right, your lived one will let you know they are ok and are with you in spirit.
My dad and I were as close as any father and daughter could be. Daddy was my best friend and I adored him. The night my dad passed, shortly after I got the call - I went outside and stood on the deck - looking at the dark sky I saw a shooting star. I figured it was daddy - on his way. After that I hoped for more signs from my dad but nothing ever came. After a while I became somewhat bitter and wrote the star off to coincidence. Not having any "visits" from my dad shook my faith and belief in an afterlife to my very core. Four years later my mom passed. That was four months ago. Mom and I were close in a dysfunctional way - a rocky, complicated relationship that dementia nearly destroyed. Now - even when I did have faith I never gave much credence to the penny phenomenon. But then it started - about three weeks before Christmas. I began to find pennies in the oddest places. The best example was the morning after it snowed. I was standing in the doorway of the garage with a shovel getting ready to make a path when the sun glinted off something in the middle of the driveway. There on top of the fresh snow was a penny - not a foot print or even a mark in the snow around it. Similarly odd pennies showed up for a total of six. All but one is dated 1995. I've racked my brain but nothing special happened that year - that I know of. I haven't come across a penny in several days now. But then again - mom always did like to make a big deal out of Christmas.
My brother was in the VA hospital with Liver Failure. He was on a ventilator after surgery from April 2009 until he died May 20, 2009. He had so many IV's with medications and such that he was always on his back. About two weeks after his death I had a dream that my mom and I went to visit him at the hospital. His bed was in the hallway and he was laying on his side, and sheets were so white and not one wrinkle. my brother told me he was better now but had to go somewhere else. I turned to ask the nurse a question and when I turned back to my brother, the bed was empty.
Both of my parents died 13 years ago and 14 months apart from one another. Dad died first, then My Mom was on Hospice for 5 months, dying from Cancer. In those months on Hospice, my Mom spoke out load to my Dad, and was very convincing that she could communicate with him. She felt he was near, and waiting for her to enter Heaven together, so whatever floats your boat Mom! Lol!

I aske my Mom to show me a sign when she passed away, that she was indeed with my Dad, and the morning she passed, we gathered up all her flowers, and took them to our Dad's grave. All 3 sisters and I, all sobbing, and then the most gorgeous cloud and sun formation appeared, that couldn't be more obviously them, together at last! Many time, especially when I'm alone, I have felt my Mom's presence, in my back yard, a buzzing in my ear, just like my Mom got, when communicating with my Dad. Butterflies, just like she told her Grandkids, the Monarch, my Dad obviously as he was A Regal Man! I still feel them, it's real to me, and it brings me great comfort!

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