Lost my passion in life as I focus so much on my mom.

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By the time i have a day off I'm so tired that I'm not interested in expressing my creativity. Maybe it's artist's block. I feel frustrated with myself all the time that i cant make myself draw. I would be so happy if i could. Maybe I'm just so distracted with mom's health even though she has another caregiver.


Hi Smitty: I'm not an artist, but I use to read all the time. I found when I was caring for my dad 24/7 I could no longer get interested in reading. I just couldn't focus enough or something. I think my mind was just not wanting to take much else in. I found I got more relieve from physical exercise, like walking.

Don't beat yourself up over it. You don't want to make something you love a burden. Give yourself some time. Sending you hugs, Cattails.
Thank you Cattails. I want to make it fun, not a chore. I'm thankful for this website and for the ability to support you and other people here. I give you alot of credit for caregiving 24/7. It makes sense that it takes every ounce of energy to be a caregiver. Let's pat ourselves on the back!
Smitty, I too am an artist, primarly work with clay.... but something I do when I can't seem to get my mind going or my hands just set there, is a doodling type drawing called Zentangles.... there is a sight for it, look it up.... it is one of the most soothing things to do. just let your mind and hand go.... make up your own or there are many patterns to follow... I make up my own, tho I have a file full of the designs... I use the designs for other things... and I have found once I get relaxed, it just takes you to a 'zone', then my creativity is back and with new ideas...... hope you try it.... it is fun, relaxing, can be done anywhere, let me know if you try it and what you thought...hugs to you...
Thank you! I looked at the website and am leaning toward buying a kit. Did you buy one?
No, I just improvised with art paper and fine line Sharpies.... but it is so much fun, very relaxing, you'll be amazed at how much you relax.... so happy you checked it out, you will find your muse again in the lines in Zentangle..... happy drawing.... let me know how you like it.. hugs to you!!!!
Oh, meant to ask, what type art and drawing do you do???
Smitty: I know what your talking about..Im not an artist but I can relate to getting distracted & losing focus on my life because I'm so preoccupied w/ my moms health. Thx for posting.
Ladee, I'm going to look that up. Thanks for mentioning it. Cat
Smitty, I also forgot to mention that there are articles on the sight just for caregivers!!!! How cool is that!!
I found out that drawing is a great distraction from any stress and I am getting much better at it. I am going to check that out too. Music and candles calm me down too, and Mom.

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