Losing track of time? or are we just losing my mind!

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Question?? How do you know what day it is anymore?
Me...my tv, or my cellphone. Easy right! Well listen to this one.

Today my husband and I celebrated Fathers Day! I really thought it was today, and had convinced him that it was also. Go
ahead laughed we sure did once we found out it wasn't....LOL!!!
Do I own a calendar you ask? Yes of course I do, and we both looked at it more than once this week to check for the times of the drs appts scheduled.
I sent out cards and gifts this week on Wednesday to my dad and step dad, and later on this afternoon I decided on the way to my mil place to give them a ring to wish them both Happy Fathers Day. My dad was not home so I left a message on the machine, then proceeded to call my step dad. My mom answered so we chitchatted for a few minutes and then I asked to talk to him to say HFD, and she said sure but it's not today. What!!! I said yes it is, and she said well maybe it is let me check the calendar. Well she came back and of course told me its next Sunday, and said oh well honey you are just really early this year.
We laughed so hard!!! I said I guess its better than being late right. Btw, he loved his card.
Later I did call my dad back after my visit with mil, and I got the machine again, I told him I just found out it wasn't FD,and I would talk to him soon. I assured him I wasn't drinking or doing drugs.
When I made it home I told my hubby the news he didn't believe me, so after he checked the calendar we laughed and laughed! I said hey honey we get to do it again next Sunday! You deserve 2 this year!

Crazy day!


Funny! I have always lost track of father's day because mine was gone when I was quite young. How nice that you will get to celebrate him twice this year.
Love it! I did this on Labor Day a few years back. Now how someone gets Labor Day wrong in the US, I don't know. But I accomplished it.

Bet the fathers in your life feel extra special this year.
Great story. After going to classes about dementia and reading posts on this site my wife are now paranoid that we both have early onset dementia! We also mailed out cards for a holiday on the wrong week but I can't remember which one it was....OMG!!!
I had to think back to how I got Labor Day wrong. Then I remembered. The calendar showed Labor Day like in May sometimes. Trouble is that it was Labor Day for Canada. I didn't stop to reason out that the US Labor Day was in Sept. Showed how much my mind had drifted from the real world. Caregiving can do it to us.
Now I'm losing track of countries. England. :) Canada Labor Day is in September, like the US. Really, I think I'm losing track of my mind.

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