80 year old mom has moderate dementia. She currently lives with me and I can't do it anymore. Looking into assisted living.

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but with the dementia, should I be looking into places that have assisted living with memory care (next step up when she starts having paranoia, hallucinations etc)? Does it REALLY make a difference if she goes to company A for assisted living and then transfer to company B for memory care or is there a real advantage to having company A offer both?


I'd find an asst. living place that either has a memory care facility attached somehow, or really close by. However, it's been my experience, at least with my mother-in-law, that even though her memory is in the crapper these days her asst. living people have no problem taking care of her for now. They're really nice and dang tolerant with her, so be sure and ask the people at which ever place you're visiting, just how far WILL they take someone with dementia before handing them off.
Thanks Nancy. I have visited two places and it seems like they "toss" them out when they are physically combative with themselves or others or are having hallucinations and paranoia.

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