looking for very good hearing aid for a 94 year old but wonderful lady update if any

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Some service clubs are good contacts for glasses and hearing aids. The LIons so. Here's a Web site for donating that you could check out - call a local organization for getting one.
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We can probably afford a new hearing aid for Mom, but I need one easy to use and tolerable as she lost the first ones she got (ITEs), and has broken the best pair I got for her (BTEs) and does not toleratie the little inexpensive ITE ones you can get. She has sensorineural loss like me and the good ones I got I could have used as back-ups, in fact I treid them out fow a few days first to make sure they would not give feedback or headaches. They just don't have the highest frequencies, that they say you do not need for speech anyways (but I sing in choir). She didn't break or lose them on purpose I don't think, though she almost seems to prefer yelling at people around her who "mumble!"

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