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Lonelyness is just mind breaking. I am a widow who lost the best husband a woman could have about a year ago. We were married thirty years and really had no friends to speak of. We just lived for each other. I have two children who live out of state and see them very little. No millionaire here but do have enough money to live a comfortable life. At this point, 76 years, I still live like I am married to the same man I loved for so long. He is gone now and I am completely alone. I would love to develop a relationship with someone out there who is as lonely as I am even if it is only on line.


i need someone too but man shed have to be nuts . most people that crazy have to punch in a code to leave the building they live in .
Try local senior centers, especially their trips. You can meet other seniors in a nonthreatening, safe environment as well as travel and see the country.

Be very, very, very cautious about online relationships, especially in your vulnerable state. There are some decent people but also some nutty ones. Better to meet people in person.

What are your interests? Reading? Contact local libraries to see if they have books clubs - many do.

Volunteer to do some charity work; just getting out would help combat the loneliness.
Our church has an incredibly active "mature" group. They are off on day bus trips every week, they meet for coffee, lunch, book club, whatever. Check the larger churches in your area and see what is going on. There may even be a senior community center nearby with activities and daily lunch time.

Are you interested in moving closer to your children at this time of your life. Make a clean break with the past and start a new future. Good luck!
tinkto, I also recommend do volunteer work such as at a local hospital or senior center.

I wouldn't recommend befriending another lonely person online... lot of "catfish" in the sea. A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they're not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances some of which will ask you for money.... some have lost their life savings thinking the person is truly caring but just down on their luck.
id love to volunteer to help elders in a NH setting but it would have to be women. if an old fellow shook his wang at me it'd be sticking out the top of his head like a freakin unicorn forevermore .
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Stay away from online relationships. There are too many scams and pitfalls. You might make an exception if it's someone you knew years ago, a high school or college classmate, maybe, or a former co-worker.

There are also widow and widowers' groups that you might check out. Your church or synagogue might have one. There'd be more women than men, because statistically speaking, women tend to outlive men, but it might help you to talk to other people who have lost their spouse.

Grieving the loss of a partner of thirty years is very, very hard. A year isn't a long time at all.

There's an organization called Women Traveling Together that brings single senior women together for traveling purposes. It might do you good to go away for awhile and see new sights. You could check them out online.

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