I locked up the guns from my husband and last night was a horrible sundowner event. He took a crowbar...

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and opened the lockbox. He all of a sudden acted like he just had a moment of clarity and was shocked I locked his guns up. I was not going to stop him we would have had a physical fight. I am not ready for that but when I am I will pursue the guns again. If I can keep him in a good mood until tomorrow at 10am to sign the POA papers then all hell can break loose for all I care now. I have about had it.


Oh Tara. No advice, just hugs and support. Stay safe.
Yes, stay safe! And try to keep those guns unloaded. What if you had called 911 and the police came and your husband had his guns out? You need to get those guns out of there!! And if you haven't done it already, I'd notify the police that your husband has dementia, so they're prepared if they're called.
Tara, has anyone disabled the guns? If not, ask the police if they can do it - I think they just remove the firing pins but I'm not sure.
Stay safe. I pray things go well.
Absolutely get them out of the house or at least deactivated. Is there no facility for him? Anything can be a weapon...even bare hands! Take care of you.
Tarajane- I am so sorry, what a terrible event you experienced! Please stay safe until tomorrow, then have someone pick up the guns, maybe when you both are out to avoid confrontation?If he throws a fit when he finds out tell him so and so has them for safe keeping or the police would have taken them.Sounds like it might be time for you to consider a facility...memory care as said above, he may go onto to something else...knives who knows? I know it is hard but honey YOUR safety is #1!!! Hugs, strength and love to you!
tarajane, I am keeping my fingers crossed that your hubby will be in clear mind to be able to sign a new Power of Attorney.

Just a word of warning so you are not surprised, if hubby isn't in clear mind when you are with the Attorney, the Attorney has the power to not have your hubby sign any type of legal documents.

As for the firearms, those who grew up with firearms have a real attachment to them so removing said items from the house could result in a major battle, and cause fear for your husband thinking he cannot defend his home.... I agree with those who said get the firearms "disabled". He can still hold the guns, put in the bullets, but the firearm won't work if he pulls the trigger.
Tara, you had a hunch locking up of the guns was going to cause a problem, it appears you were very correct. Are you still waiting to decide on the shoulder surgery? Definitely get him to rehab immediately following. Use that time to ensure your safety, whatever that means. Disabling the guns, working with social worker to find appropriate permament placement for him. One way or the other you need to protect yourself. Had I been you, I would have left the house, and called 911. The policewould have taken him in just based on how you have described his irrational and threatening behavior.
Are you signing your POA documents too? You certainly should, remember you can change it at any time. You may have to make hubby your POA at least temporarily in order to gain his trust.
Tara, is the disabled shoulder on the side on which he shoots? If so, he's even more dangerous now than if his shoulder were stable. He won't even be able to aim, and no telling what he'll hit.

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