Living with Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? What an amazing adventure.

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Two days ago my husband, with dementia, was verbally unkind all day, remembered nothing, stumbling around, couldn't complete anything literally acted as he was intoxicated. Yesterday, he woke up with a smile, did his daily routine (kinda), had breakfast and spent the day In his workshop (not sure what he was doing, but he seemed happy) Who are these People living I our home.

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Dementia can be very complex. My Mom [97] fast forwarded to dementia due to a serious fall.... so now one day she is alert, chatty even though some of what she says doesn't make sense to us, and is smiling.... the next day, ouch, who is this person who is sniping and snarling at people, who is sleeping a lot of hours, etc.... then the next day back to smiling and chatty.

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