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My mother lives alone. The only contact she has isy brother who she sees once a week. she has no memory left and now she hallucinates that she has a boyfriend.


Is your mom safe at home alone?

Are you concerned that your mom is living alone? Has she been to the doctor recently?

Urinary tract infections have been known to cause hallucinations and delusions in the elderly. That might a place to start.
What is your question, Surfried10? Are you wondering if this is a safe arrangement? I wouldn't think so. Even in an imaginary world you have to eat. Who prepares her meals? Is she on any medications? Someone with "no memory left" probably shouldn't be living alone.

Are you concerned about the hallucinations? Babalou has a good suggestion about checking for a uti. But dementia itself can cause hallucinations and delusions, too. When was the last time she saw a doctor?

Is your brother the only family who lives close enough to see her regularly?

If you can state your question more specifically you might get more specific answers.
My two brothers are lawyers. my older brother is the executor of her will.My younger brother is her P.O.A. she has meals on wheels and a cleaning woman once a week. Her apartment is still totally filthy. I would like to see her in an assisted living but I have no power. She is always complaining how lonely she is

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