I need my landlord to allow me to put a driveway in since I am unable to walk due to my conditions, how can I convince him?

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I have a great landlord but he does not have a drive way to this trailer. HE DOES NOT WANT A DRIVE WAY PUT IN. my family dr . sayes i have to have a drive way. because of my leggs and heart. my van is parked in along side of the road i would say i park third mile away.

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It sounds like you are willing to pay the cost yourself and it is his land. Would putting in a driveway increase the value of the land? Maybe you can get an assessment and show it to him.

Otherwise, you may have to tell him that if you cannot put in the driveway that you will have to move. Maybe the thought of losing a good tenant will help.

(Is he afraid that he will have to maintain the driveway? Maybe you can assure him you will do it.)

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