I moved in to my dad’s house to take care of him although I have a husband & kids at home. My siblings drop by for 24 hours and act like it’s a hotel and I’m their maid.


I just need some inspiration on how to keep motivated. I am mentally stressed, physically tired, and have health issues of my own. Miss my family but everyone else just wants to put him away rather than try to help out. It is so unfair and makes me physically sick on how selfish they are being. His money is important to them but what about quality time with him. It is not happening other than me. I just want to scream and shake my siblings because it is wrong! I don't know how to address this issue and make changes for the better.

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I understand 100%. I have a bro and 2 sisters. No children with the sisters. I cannot for the life of me how different siblings are from one another. Now, when it comes to money, it is obvious they care. I am not left in charge and though dad wants me to be now because I have stuck by him for nearly a year, mentally he cannot make the changes. So, when I tire out and dad has not...my sister will stick him in a home. It makes me sick! Good luck to you and we should forget the blood connection and realize its not the blood it is the heart.

I dropped my life and moved in with my dad,my daughter and I. My dad didn't want to go to a home, I Didn't want him to either. I cannot tell you how much I,VE cried, cussed and gotten ill,depressed etc. etc.but my brothers never felt responsibile or got a conscious. I wondered how they could march in for a couple of hours and march out,like they didn,t even notice his condition.One of my brotherstold me I Chose my life and he chose not to help.I never asked him after that comment again.My dad left me the place because as he put it I WAS THE ONLY ONE HE COULD COUNT ON,but my dad has passed away and I'm in a very expensive lawsuit with my brothers sueing me and slandering me like I'VE never known. They can find the time to come down now since my dad is gone to appraise things. I cannot beleive these boys even have my blood and are in my family, I am so ashamed of them.My brother is even a elder of a church. You can.t make someone be a good person and do the right and honable thing when they have no honour in them. I tried for years and they resent how close me and my dad were yet they were to busy to help or come down. My youngest brother didn't even make it to the funeral. My dad deserved better than that.I hope your siblings are not as bad as mine.