Little things become big when life is so limited.

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My mother came into my bedroom today. She had a look on her face that looked like the sky was falling down. I felt my blood pressure go up like I was switching into emergency mode. She told me with the greatest seriousness that we were going to run out of margarine, that she would have enough for this morning, but that I would have to buy some for tomorrow.

Oh. You would have thought that something awful had befallen us. I could see the look of relief when I told her I would get some today.

It would have been tempting to get irritated at the seriousness of the Great Margarine Shortage, but then I realized that her life has come down to a few things that she depends on. She cooks her own breakfast and the lack of margarine would have disrupted her normal activities completely. What seemed trivial to me was very important to her. It was a big part of her life now.

I wish all the world crises could be solved so easily. A trip to the grocery store and all will be okay.


Aww that's a cute story.

Good for you for realizing how important the margarine was for her!.
Great insight you have. Everyone who reads your post can learn something.

Thank you.
"The great margarine shortage" - love it!
Well, the margarine is in the refrigerator and the balance of the world has been restored. :)
Jessie, you've saved the Day! You can remove your WonderWoman cape now and relax as we approach the big end of summer holiday.
Good work. Liked your perspective on this!
Actually, Jessie, I think you should get a prominent literary award for "Best Nonfiction Short Story of 2015"..... sweet, subtle, compassionate, hilarious and soooo insightful....and delivered in so few, very impactful words. And love your followup comment.....very gratifying. Well done....thank you!
Wow, thanks, everybody. My mother's stories kind of write themselves. They can be kind of humorous when I see them from the outside.
Thanks for reminding us that sometimes, one little thing can make all the difference. Mom needs to know what we will have for dinner at 6 AM...otherwise she worries about it all day. We may have to talk about it several times and it used to really tick me off...but I realized that she really WAS worried about it and knowing was comforting (even if she didn't like the choice or it changed by the time we made it). So maybe I should have some compassion and just make a decision about this even though I don't care what's for cares.

Sometimes we forget the simple mom likes playing would think I did some great thing by playing 4 hands of rummy...sometimes I am too tired but she just lights up...about rummy, win or lose.

God Bless all you other care givers out there. Buy some margarine, plan out your meals, play some rummy and remember we are doing this because we love this person...right? and want to make his/her life better....

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