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My mother is refusing to eat today, and I am unable to give her her medications because she will get sick and vomit without food in her stomach. So what do I do....... I get mad! Stupid ,huh? So I gave her her meds anyway acting like I was angry the whole time. I brought her back into to bed ( which is where she wanted to go) ANd I just walke out of her room and I haven't talked to her since. That was about 1 hour ago. Yes, I feel like a rat!! I often wonder If I am actually what's best for her? Am I really doing her good or am I harming her emotionally. I don't mean to, but I just lose patience. I recently got a preseciption from her doctor for THC products for her. I;m hoping that will improve her appetite. However, I haave been, waiting for one week for some wierdo to come to my house and talk to us about how this all works. I am definately going to try some of this new medication! Right now I'm going to lay down for about a half hour and try the day again. I am open to suggestions?????


Do your best. If that sometimes is short of perfect, cut yourself some slack. Learn from episodes you regret and keep going.

Not everyone is tempermentally suited to be a caregiver. It is possible that your mother would be better off with professional care. But I certainly wouldn't conclude that from a few episodes where you didn't behave as you wish you had. None of us would be qualified to take care of loved ones if that were the standard we had to live up to!
peeweedeb, you obviously feel badly or you would not show your face here to the entire (yes) world and admit your imperfection. As jeannegibbs suggests, cut yourself some slack. Move on. Make your Mom some chocolate pudding with cool whip and have some, too. I'll be right over. Just down the road... Hugs:)
peeweedeb, if caregivers are going to hell for having bad days then there will be a bunch of us there.... be kinder to yourself.... the feeling of powerlessness is ever present in our daily routine... some things we just can't make happen, no matter how hard we try or how hard we are on ourself....take a deep breath, remind yourself that you are not alone, that most of us feel this way at some point, but as was suggested, just try to learn from it...let us know how you are doing... hugs and angels...
peeweedeb, I have felt like a rat so often since I've been caregiving that I'm surprised I haven't grown whiskers. We do the best we can for them. Sometimes it seems like they are being contrary. She she tell you why she didn't want to eat? When there is no communication, it leaves it up to the caregiver to be psychic about why someone is behaving that way. Forgive yourself. You'll do better tomorrow. I hope your mother will, too.

I wish we could all be superhuman, but we're just people with emotions. It would be nice to be wonderful all the time, but then our parents would wonder if an alien being had taken over our bodies. :) Your mother probably knows you and knows that you were just having a bad day.
You are not alone. Caregiving is hard, really, really hard. Medical marijuana is legal in my state. It is very helpful in increasing the appetite. And can be calming too! Hang in there.
Thanks guys you really helped me. Today is a better day! Although my mom is having a problem going to the bathroom today. I think I'm going to have to do the unmentionable. Ugh! I'll write later. Hope you all are have a good day!!

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