Our light bulbs keep disappearing.

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Tonight I went into the living room. As usual, I turned on the lamp. No light. Apparently another light bulb had vanished into the unknown. I checked to find an empty socket. I don't know why my mother has this sudden thing about light bulbs. This is the fourth one that has gone to some mystery place. Not serious -- just one of those dementia things that defy explanation.


I'm laughing. At least this strange obsession has a certain charm to it. Maybe you should carry a bulb with you as you go from room to room, so you can fix lamps with AWOL bulbs.

Let's hope this behavior has a short life.
I know the light bulbs are having a short one right now. :)
Make sure you hide the flashlights. Strange obsessions that they develop. Why has nobody ever developed a child proof, Alzheimer's proof light socket do that bulbs stay put?
My mother had a dream the other night that two light bulbs blew at the same time. It was when this began. It was so real, she asked me to check the fuse. What I did was checked the lamps and saw they were unplugged and had the bulb removed. Later I found another lamp without its bulb. Then tonight the fourth one.

I decided to look up light bulbs in a dream dictionary online. The author wrote, "To see a light bulb in your dream suggests that you are ready to accept and/or face reality. It refers to your consciousness..." This does make me wonder if the dream may have had some meaning -- that something in her reality had blown. Maybe she is stashing some light bulbs just in case. Hard to know. I'm just glad she can't reach the ceiling lights.
I feel bad making light of something that for her is tragic. Sometimes I just have to make light, though, since it is all so heavy if I don't. I wish we could fix dementia so it didn't destroy the lives of the people it strikes. I know in the future, science will find a way to stop the progression. I'm just sorry we can't stop it now.
Make sure you keep the ladder out of sight. LOL!
I will! We would end up at the ER for sure if she tried a ladder.
Don't feel bad about making light of a difficult situation. I always say that it is a good thing that I have such a good sense of humor. I also love mysteries..and with my mother, I never know what I'm going to get from day to day. This is one little thing we all laugh about around here. Mom was crying one day..it was July 11th...I asked her what was wrong, she said, "Today would have been my wedding anniversary"..I said, "Mom, you were married on August 11th, today is July 11th", she said, "Oh that's right"...and stopped crying immediately, like she was going to save those tears for the next month.

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