Life's everyday tasks is becoming boring anymore. We all need something new.

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Cleaning the house everyday is becoming a frown.I need a break.I cleaned the house last night so I wouldn't have to do it today.I sleep my day away sleeping till noon from cleaning all nite last nite.I wish a could afford a maid lol.


Cleaning every day? Good heavens, I am so emotionally drained from dealing with two very stubborn 90+ year old parents, who still live in their own home by choice, that at the end of my work day or weekends the last thing I want to is become Martha Stewart. Laundry I will do because I need clothes for work.... groceries I will do because I have to eat.... but cleaning, forgetaboutit. No one better ring my doorbell, because I won't answer it :P

I do volunteer work Saturday mornings [I call that my vacation day], but the rest of the time I am either napping or spending hours on the computer researching elder care. This isn't how I planned my retirement years !!
cleaning ? wth is that ? if i put on clean clothes , the minute i get to work and fire up a stone or woodsaw i wonder ; why in the hell did i put on clean clothes this am ?
if a girl ever comes to visit i figure ill leave a bucket of soapy water and a sponge in the kitchen and if theres something that bothers her -- feel free to wipe it up . just dont wash ike . that greasy film keeps my bolts from seizing in the aluminum cases .. ike has class , he dont need chrome and pretty paint ..
ike has dam near 5 inch pistons . he could hold his own against a 1000 hp rail dragster ..
i did get my teeth cleaned tho but only cause i plan to bite " diana " square on the behind .. she cleaned my teeth , they should be completely to her satisfaction ..
ike is 30 yrs old this year . happy birthday you hor'in , cop chasin , cop flee'in , fire startin , troublemakin sob ..
har . that state trooper didnt have s*it under his hood , eh ike ?
me and ike got busted in marion IN a few years ago . the police report was two paragraphs of " nice guy but he was trashed " then 3 pages of pics of ike .. marion has two bible colleges in their town . the poor repressed b*stards needed ike .. hes the only exitement theyve had since the last black lynching in the usa took place on their courthouse lawn . yea, hang your heads in shame you turds ..
its a better era . a stranger female gave me a ride to the next town to reunite with impound boy ( ike ) ..
we crammed it towards home f those losers ..
bite ass judge haas ..
Capt you do feel strongly about cleaning or should I say not.
Have you found your fork yet? Maybe it's under a pile off dirt. Can't you whittle a new one

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