Letting someone go...with NO REGRETS.

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Know you did the best you can with the situation that was dealt. Know you did everything possible to make your loved one comfortable, loved, and cared for. Do say out loud to loved one: I Love You. I will try to be in tomorrow again to see you. Do hold their hand, stroke their hair, make your presence known. When you do have to leave the care facility, do thank them for their uncondtional love, do thank the caretakers, the roommates, staff members, while looking straight into their eyes. Do take snacks, treats for staff members, small stuff, whatever is in the grocery store line....it doesn't take much.

The last time I saw my brother was July 22nd. I said thank you for coming over, and I loved him. HIs family had to institutionalize him, brain cancer, and they won't tell me where he is, not for a few months. I don't feel guilty, I did let him know how I felt, and I did say GOODBYE, like it was my last......

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