Sometimes lessons learned need to be reinforced.

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Always check their pockets before doing the laundry! We have the cleanest telephone in town! Of course it no longer WORKS, but is't CLEAN!


Too funny! Dog poop bags wash beautifully too ... pens and lipstick not so much.
So true, Boni. We always end up with tissue all over the clothes and in the dryer vent. Tissue is sneaky. It hides in the deepest recesses of pockets. I can't figure out how it escapes, but it does. Then there are the dissolved remnants of wrapped peppermints and butterscotches. The one that worries me most is the roach leg. Where did the rest go??
Hearing aides survive the washer and dryer pretty well. Microwaves? No so much.
My mom's hearing aides survived soaking in the coffee maker, LOl!!
the first cell i ever had i chose my rt front pocket to carry it in. someone actually snapped a photo at the same time i busted it to smithereens wailing on a stone that was lying across my right thigh. the pic is labeled " phone broke " and the hammer was moving so fast it was just a blur in the pic.. its in my left front pocket now.

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