Legislation for caregivers.

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Please check out this website for expanding social security and helping caregivers. It's called Social Security Works. Anyone know more about this topic or organization?



juddabuddhaboo, I couldn't find much information on the organization called "Social Security Works". Makes me wonder if they are a lobbying group. I'll keep looking. If anyone else finds something more, let me know.
Uh-oh. Red flag, huh?
Not sure. I roamed around their websites... I always look at the *about us* first to see what information I can get. Just not enough articles about the group. I'll keep digging.
Found it.... yes, Social Security Works is a lobby group... small group of 2 people. Main goal is to keep social security alive and well. Didn't see anything about "Caregivers", maybe that is under another lobby umbrella. I'll check tomorrow. Thanks for the challenge, Judd :)
uddabuddhaboo, go to Google, type in "caregiving.org/advocacy/about-legislation" then click on *Recent Legislative Updates:*

I searched Aging Care's website but couldn't any info on this matter, unless I missed it.

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