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My Mom did this before the dementia took away her ability to think and write. She bought a notebook and on the first page, she wrote TO: Sharon and wrote the date.
Then she began by telling me when she was born, my grandmother's maiden name, my grandfather's name and their history and about all her brothers and sisters. She told me how they had to carry water from a nearby stream, how hard they worked in the garden each year.....not complaining because they knew better.
Herbert Hoover was the President and it was in the middle of the depression. They were very poor, but they did not know it because everyone was in the same shape they were.
She told me of things happening in her school.
When she met the love of her life (my Dad) and how they courted for 7years.
She told me about me being born, my Dad being so nervous he burned a hole in his good pants......and she & myself were brought home in a hearse!! Said she almost smothered to death..lol (I wish I could ask her why we came home like that.
She let me know how she felt about me..
She was thrilled when I had my son and how much she enjoyed the years of going to all his ball games.
Then she began talking about her great grand kids.
Then on the last page she began repeating things and just stopped writing period.

I was just thinking about this & was going to share how wonderful it was to find this book that was written in my Mom's handwriting.

I wish you all would think about it and begin writing your own book of memories for your kids to one day enjoy. What a gift this was/is.


Makes me cry. What a precious gift from a mom who obviously loved you to bits and pieces. Thank you for sharing.
Very touching and very moving. Your mother was an extremely thoughtful and insightful person.
Thank you Shaddy for sharing such a wonderful memorable gift your dear mother gave you. Yes, brought tears to my eyes as well...

That was a sweet gift from the grave. :)
How wonderful for you! Thanks for sharing - I'm sending a copy of this to my friends with children.

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