New law in China requiring adult children to visit elderly parents

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I was reading on-line about a new law (December 2012) in China where adult children are now required by law to visit their elderly parents. I think this is great. It's unfortunate that some adult children do not visit their elderly parents by choice, but at least this is a step in the right direction, of having adult children take some responsibility. Any thoughts on this new law?


Holy cow! That would certainly create tons of jobs, as you try to put a system in place to monitor and enforce such a law. And, wow, there must be books and books of exceptions. What if you live 1000 miles from your parent? What if your father raped you from age 11 to 14 -- do you still have to visit him? I could go on and on.

Oh, but wait. There won't be scads of new jobs enforcing the law, except, perhaps extra judges. The law just enables parents to bring their adult children to court if they feel neglected. And, by the way, the law does not specify how often the visits must be. I guess if a parent wants a daily visit and is only getting a weekly visit, he could sue his daughter.

I'm sure you recall that China also has a law limiting family size to one child per couple. Obviously China has a different attitude toward government involvement in family life than is typical in the US.

It will be very interesting to see if this new law helps solve the problem it is aimed at -- the increasing neglect and outright abuse of older citizens by their families. I don't know enough about Chinese culture to predict how successful it will be. Check back in five years, I guess.

But I do think in the US we have enough laws and agencies in place to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and to prosecute offenders. And a law as open-ended as requiring visiting without specifying how often would simply not be workable here.
Who wants a law like that? My sister has been kicked out by my mother because of her abuse so who wants her visiting? If this isn't done from the heart, it's garbage.
If we had a law like this in the US (God knows we need it!), I would be the first to enforce it on my brothers. My mother has lived with my husband and I for the past 22 years. Even though he only lives about an hour away from us, my younger brother hasn't been to visit our mother since 2008 (not even a post card the past few years). My older brother lives in Florida (about 8 hour drive) and visits every couple of years. I get no help from them at all and if they would just visit, it would be a huge burden off my mothers mental health.

I think if the penalty for not visiting (lacking proof of child hood abuse and beleive me, it didn't happen to my brothers), they should be shot by a firing squad of caretakers. But that won't happen cuz most caretakers can't find the time or the resources to get away from their homes!
I don't want my sister around. If she isn't abusing my mother, she abuses me - and on a grander scale. Isn't it awful that a law like this has to be enacted anywhere and everywhere? No one said caregiving is easy but whatever happened to doing the right thing? We all get tired of it but we're still here.
Granted the Chinese outlook on life and how they interact with their elders is quite different from ours.
The ancient Chinese traditions were firm in the reverent manner in which they
were devoted to elders whom were treated with great respect for their wisdom.
Perhaps now that "Americanization" has taken hold world wide, the Chinese government sees a need to enforce the old ways by law, since the modern and "educated" worldly wise new generation in that vast country evidently does not see the value in being constant and with their parents.
I do not espouse Communism, and there would be blood on the walls in this country were such a law to be passed here, but barring the horrid parents, some very kind and lonely parents surely could benefit worldwide.
I have to add that I think the word narcissistic is used in many by your writers as a generic term to indicate all sorts of dynamics displayed by their elders.
This does not serve each individual case in a just manner.
To quote Harry Truman, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"
If a caregiver is showing signs of overstress and dislike or hatred for the parent is seeping in, a caregiver should not feel guilty for seeking good options for said parent so that the stress is relieved on both sides.
I lost my sweet, dear mother when she was but thirty five years of age and I was nine.
How I wish that I could have grown old with her and I can only hope that I would have been grateful to her for first, giving me life and secondly, for being there through thick and thin while I went through the many difficult periods that the growing child presents to a mother.
We must realize that a lifetime of dynamics between the child and the parent colors the later years, when the parent has now become the child.
Bless us, one and all.
With adults being limited to 1 child per family, who's going to be around to enforce that law? Nobody will follow up on it.

It is a shame that adult children don't take on the responibility themselves, so I can see why this law would be enacted. I live in Bermuda and Mom in PA. I have 4 siblings, 3 live within 8 miles or less, one lives 20 minutes away. I see my mother more than my 3 brother. What a crime! Plus I take care of all her bills and support her financially. It sure would be nice if all 5 children committed the same. Thank the Lord for my sister!
China is run by the Communist Party of China. It s just coming out of being a third world country. It limits how many children you have and sanctions abortions as a mandatory birth control option. Females are consider subordinate and less important than males. Don't forget the Tiananmen Square Massacre. China is not a civilized enough country to even consider any law they enact. Be glad this country, the US, allows its citizens the freedom to choose.
emmurr, maybe "Americanization" isn't totally responsible for altering ancient traditions. Maybe, just maybe, Communism might have had something to do with.
My mother WAS a narcissist!!!! Maybe not diagnosed as one because she'd never step foot in a physchiatrist's office since she never thought she was anything less than perfect but her traits fit the bill. I don't care what label she wore, she was terrible. So it's called "Americanization" to finally say enough abuse is enough? I worked my tail off taking care of her as best I could while working full time because I had to work, cooking and cleaning her house as well as my own while also taking care of a husband who was a male version of my mother, and helping with my little grand kids. All I got from my mom was abuse and never a thanks (none from hubby either). To repay me, she disowned me, accused me of stealing from her (it was probably the paid caregiver), revoked my POA, blah blah blah. Americanization? No way. Sure there are adult kids who don't give a flip but there are some who don't care because that's how they were always treated by their parents and then elders wonder why the kids don't come running. Two sides to every situation, I always say. Generalizations don't cut it!
This country has TOO many laws already and I don't want the govt telling me who to visit nor do I want my kids being told to visit me. We can handle it just fine on our own thanks.

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