Last time I took my mother out of the nursing home to a doctor's appointment.

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Was like the Star Trek Episode "Whom Gods Destroy". Took my mother to see the eye doctor. She was hurling insults at the nurse making appointments etc. The nurse said, after check-in, the doctor will be with you in several minutes. (We waited 5 minutes). My mother yelled out "OH SURE." I took her home to my house after the doctor's visit. She demanded cereal with strawberries. I was able to give her Cheerios. I attempted to have her sit on the couch in the living room. I started watching "The Science Channel" while she made a mess with the cereal. In response to the NASA TV program, she asked me "what is a planet?"; "whyt are they there?"; "why did it take so long to get to Pluto?". Round and 'round we went. I broke that cycle. Then she got on "Adolf Hitler was a bad man." And we went 'round and 'round on that until I broke the cycle. She also said, "I'm NOT GOING TO DIE IN THAT NURSING HOME. YOU THINK ABOUT THAT,". I took her to get some lunch. She kept insisting she didn't need the walker (which is required.) I managed to get her to the table. After lunch, I guided her back to the car. I let go of the walker to open the door from the restaurant - and she falls over backwards. WHAM. As you can imagine, this was becoming a nightmare. She was OK after that fall. HOWEVER, I reported this to the nursing staff. My mother then got mad at me and started dialing my cell phone and hanging up. Needless to say, I had to put some space between her and I. Any insight?


Yup, don't take her to any more appointments. Don't take her to your house either. Visit her at the facility and leave it at that. Ask the MD at the facility about medications to improve her sociability.
"Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad".
What a nightmare day. There are those days when our elders are determined to be in a snit all day. It sounds like this is one of those days. Is she like that every day? I would have pulled all my hair out by now. I love what Rainmom wrote.

Glad the backward tumble didn't hurt her. That would have scared me to death. I can read my own headlines "Mother's fall kills daughter."
So glad she didn't get hurt falling backwards -.miracle in itself
Her behavior is quite normal for someone with dementia and mobility problems -

My mom will yell at any waitress she sees go by if she wants something even if we just ordered - if we go to a local diner it's not a problem as they know her - if we go somewhere new or nice I just smile and apologize

Did your mom willingly return to the NH after the outing?
I love that quote. Of course when it says "make mad" it means insane - but in the case of Hugedoof and the day she had - mighty pissed off works as well!
Thanks all. I would say that my mother is quite insane. My mother willingly returned to the nursing home after the "insane" day. Of course, the story gets better. Last week, she signed herself out and left with somebody I do not know, nor could the nursing home identify. I am her court appointed guardian (please - all sorted out, lawyers and all). She is not to leave the facility unless I or my wife accompany her. I get a call from the nurse on duty two days after the incident telling me "your mother pulled a fast one." I told the nursing home administrator that in no uncertain terms is she to leave the facility unless accompanied by me or my wife. I spoke to the nursing home social worker (who seems to have dementia herself). Just so frustrated and upset by this. Any thoughts?
Oops! He not she - so sorry! And I meant you, not your mother, you poor thing! My mother, until recently, used to do an excellent version of personalized "who's on first". I swear I would want to put my head through the wall when she'd start that up!
Bahahahahaha... best laugh I've had all day. Though I'm glad everyone survived the day. Thoughts include.... is there another social worker on site with more going on mentally? Write everything down? Speak to another person there who has more understanding?

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