A 90 year old friend told me that her landscaper's husband replaced her shed floor for $4000.00. Shed is 24x12. Please advise

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the landscaper goes to her house for the last 5 years on an hourly basis. I met her and she seemed evasive and defensive for no reason. I was helping my friend empty her shed of her junk and found that the floor needed to be replaced. When I spoke to the landscaper, she told me that her husband was contracted to do the job. After the job was done, I spoke to my friend and she told me she paid them 4000.00. I asked to see the receipt and it had one line item. Replace floor - 4000.00. I was told that he was there with a helper for 2 days.


The cost for materials to build a pressure treated deck runs about $7.00 per square foot. To have a deck professionally built including materials starts around $15.00 a square foot, whereas an elaborately built deck using hardwoods or composite materials may cost as much as $35.00 per square foot. Add in the cost to demolish the old decking and haul it out. I think you got a fair price at $4K if they had to tear out the old, replace the joists and floor with pressure treated studs and exterior grade wood/plywood and be sure it is all level. 12 x24 is 288 sq ft, so $4000= $13.88 per sq ft
What kind of advice do you want Realtor? If you are practicing in your friend's area you should know the cost of such work. Costs of labor vary greatly from area to area. I know pstegmsan is in western NY and her figures sound right for the area
What kind of flooring? Wood or concrete? The shed in question is quite big compared to the average backyard sheds sold at the big hardware stores which are 7x7 or 12x12. The 12x24 is large enough to hold a automobile and then some.

I would ask for an itemized work order list. Hopefully on the list is a polythene vapor barrier weighted down with stone or concrete beneath the shed will provide a barrier to moisture and also prevent plant growth beneath the shed. And if insulation was installed between the floor joists depending on the future use of said shed.

If the owner is sharp at 90 years old, remember she gave authorization to do the work.

dogwang, it could have been pored in concrete for 1500.00 .
If there is removal of old concrete needed it is $6 to $8 . If there is no removal needed it is $4 to $6. Soo all the junk comes out, the floor comes out, you dig down 8", pour in gravel, level it, tamp it firm, the forms go in and you pour 4-6" of reinforced concrete. You wait 28 days for it to cure and then you pay to have all the junk put back in there. $8 per sq ft would be $2304 and that's just for the concrete work. HOWEVER, it is already DONE in WOOD. Water over the dam.
Captain and Freqflyer, thanks for your helpful posts. 3/4" ply. No concrete. they t(2 people, 2 days) tore up the old plywood, replaced the joists, put down the new plywood.
It could be that it's a fair price, but the invoice you saw was definitely inadequate. You could write a letter for your friend to the landscaper's husband asking for a proper invoice with full details of costs; at least she'd be able to see what he had to say for himself.

Is the contract with the landscaper ongoing, though? Don't spoil a good working relationship for the sake of it; but do use this as an opportunity to help your friend get rid of a parasite - provided, of course, that you have a better suggestion as to how she can look after her garden.
Update on my friend. She got an itemized invoice. 700.00 for materials and 3300.00 for labor. 2 guys, 3 full days.
All wood
In your original post you said your friend told you two guys for 2 day but the invoice said 2 guys 3 days. I don't know the scope of the work but 2 guys for 3 days sounds as though they were very slow workers. I guess the lesson here is always to get an estimate but your friend had known the landscaper for five years and trusted him

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