Lack of progress in therapy.

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There was very informative articles in the NY TIMES Science section y today about the fact that " lack of progress" is not a legitimate reason for Medicare- covered therapy to stop. If I post the link it will, get deleted, so just Google NT Times and search today's science section


Thanks Babs! I will definitely be checking that article out! As it definately pertains to our situation, here with the Old Man and further PT, and improving his mobility!
That is not true.

If you read the Medicare guidelines, you can learn for yourself the rules.

Medicare will pay for up to 100 days in rehab...or until the patience fails to show progress.

When you think about makes sense that the system should not be paying to what amounts to long term care in a rehab setting. If progress has stopped, then the resources to keep plugging on makes no sense.
If you read the article they only got a partial settlement and still had to pay $100,000 out of pocket. Now you also have to deal with the health care insurance company handling your coverage. They will also have rules about progress.
Katie, apparently the guidelines are being re-wrtten after the ruling in a lawsuit. And yes, they did pay out of pocket as well. Interesting article.
Interesting read
Thanks for mentioning
Thanks. I wasn't aware of all the implications of Medicare's position. I'm going to print out the article and put it in my "rehab" section of medical notes.

Good catch.

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