Is there Karmic justice out there for caregivers?

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There are days when I'd like some validation of Karmic justice. I am the primary, and only, caregiver for my mother. I know doing 'the right thing' should give me inner strength and patience to continue caring for my mom. But there are days when I am very BITTER and disappointed. My only sibling has made zero contact 1 month after I moved mom in with me. I'd consider anything short of bankruptcy, divorce, terminal illness, hospitalization or death to be excuses, not reasons for abandoning her parent. Anyway, does anyone know of cases where stuff that 'came around' really did 'go around'? Was there justice or enlightenment for the bystander family member(s)?


Don't count on it in this lifetime.
my jealous sisters only tried to cause grief for me during moms final months . now its my cousin trying to impede my relationship with aunt edna . i dont have time for their bag bite - ery . im focused on being a companion to my aunt during her most vulnerable and frightening months of remaining life
i always leave the NH feeling better than when i arrived . cuz dont comprehend the thrill of giving , its her loss ..
You shouldn't wish harm on anyone. That's a tall order cause we are human, and we get angry and want "revenge", but thinking those kinds of thoughts will only hurt you in the long run.
Not so fast jeannegibbs, not so fast.

To answer your question smelltheroses, yes I believe there is karma. Like you I had do nothing sibling.

I have the peace of mind knowing I did the best I could, my do nothing sibling is a pariah to the rest of the family, no one wants anything to do with him.

But he made his bed and he lies in it, he may now harbor some guilt(as well he should), I wouldn't know as I have no contact. He reached out to our aunt a woman he hasn't seen in about14 years though he lives about 20 miles away, and she pretty much told him don't call again. I live 3,000 miles away and we speak every week.

And listen you have every right to be bitter and disappointed, you're human and it is normal to feel that way at times. But you have time with you mom and experiences your sibling will never have. And when your mom leaves this earth you will have the peace of mind that you did the best you could, and you will sleep at night.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It appears that there might be enlightenment, by way of guilt, for some who've looked the other way. Maybe Karmic justice really is enlightenment, not wishing another to feel the same pain as you? At least that's something I can hope for. There are frequent days where I mourn the loss of the sibling I once had. Trust has been destroyed. Can't imagine being able to forgive this kind of betrayal. Sigh...

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