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I'm so glad we moved Mom from IL to AL two months ago! Today I slipped and turned my ankle in the wet grass. Snap! Its broken in two places and I'll be in a cast for weeks - can't walk, can't drive.
Its something to consider for all caregivers - what happens to your parent if they are living with you, dependent on you and you get sick or hurt? I'm just so relieved that Mom will be ok without me for the next month, that competent people will take care of her because I won't be able to get there to see her for quite a while.


Thank you for sharing.

And take good care of yourself, please!
Ouch! It hurt just reading what happened to you. I know you'll be counting the days until you can get the cast off. I hope you heal well with no trouble.
Yes I know what you mean...sorry for your ankle...ouch. I wonder where you can get one of those fake zip on zip off casts that they use in the ski lodges when they don't want to ski on TV...Hee hee that might come in handy.

When I have had a bad medical day, I have been surprised how mom tries to turn down the requests for service. Unfortunately it does not last that long enough and we are back to the old ways too soon.
I'm so sorry to hear of your accident. Last year I broke my wrist and had to have a plate and screws. Fortunately it wasn't my dominant hand, but still it was very annoying trying to do things. I managed, but I didn't do as much cooking and had to be careful not to get it wet, so dishwashing, baths (mine and mom's), housework, all had to be done with great imagination and help. We got through it, but at the time I wasn't so sure. Husband and family sure stepped up to the plate. The funny this is that Mom never even mentioned the cast or anything. So I guess it didn't inconvenience her too much, LOL.

This will eventually be a good story for y'all to look back at and laugh - eventually, I said.
Thanks everyone. Amazing how life can change in a split second. It gives one pause, that if you don't have your ducks in a row (and a contingency plan) one little thing can have a domino effect in so many directions and affect so many people! My husband will take care of me, Mom will be ok so I'm lucky.
I am terrified if something like this! I have a flu virus this week, am so afraid of getting my parents who I take card of sick....and have to take my mother for a back injection this week, she can barely walk. (Severe stenosis). I can't sleep, I am an only child with no help and no $$. Awful, I can relate.
Tough break Amy....Sorry, lame pun. But seriously folks, great point about care taking. I've had two rotator cuff surgeries in the past year. I couldn't drive for a couple weeks after. My folks are 10 hours away and every time the phone rang I prayed it wasn't some crisis. I did up rushing down just after I was off the pain meds.njust lucky timing.
That is scary Windyridge!
Ouch...poor you!!! I haven't broken a bone but it always sounds really painful!

It's definitely an issue when someone is depending on you to be available all the time and you get hurt or sick. I have had to go to my mother's and do "my chores" on several occasions when I'd have preferred to be home in bed nursing my cold or whatever. My problem is always that I'm not absolutely incapacitated, but just too under the weather to do my own shopping and cleaning and before I even recover, I'm stuck doing Mom's. Sure wish there was a better alternative to that!
Well, since I am pushing 70 years old I am having my own age decline, but do you think my parents, especially my Dad, understand that?.... of course, not.... I think they still believes that I am 35 years old who can carry heavy stuff, climb ladders, and leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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