I just want to chat with people who share my concerns

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chat with people who are going thru what I am with muy Mother. My Mothers has Alzheimer's..very difficult to deal with...good days bad days.....she can be very nice and turn on a dime and be cruel....I understand the Disease.....but....hard to take at times....would like to chat with people having the same situation


I would be happy to Chat with you! I keep asking the webmaster for a 'chat room' capability' so caregivers can chat realtime and anonymously (if that is the concern) online.

Welcome Elizabeth - sux doesn't it? But for heaven's sake....it's my mom! I have to take care of her as I'm sure all of us feel. Sometimes, just sometimes - we get some laughter out of it and that helps us move along.
Yes, welcome Elizabeth! We are all in different levels of the same boat here. My sweet Mom can also turn on a dime and become nasty and mean. The hardest thing to do, but what has to be done for your sanity, is to not take it personally. I know my Mom isn't treating me like that on purpose and when she is like that, I realize she doesn't even know it is me!
I need someone to chat with also. My mother is also combative and very aggressive and mean, most of the time. I am afraid of her because she will hit you with anything that is close when you are not looking. Very difficult to not take personally for us because we were physically abused by her all of our life. She has taken her worse attributes into Alzheimers. She is still in her home (aunt moved out 1 month ago because she was tired of being abused) She is un-cooperative and will not go voluntarily into any facility. Others want nothing to do with her because of her foul language and abusiveness. I don't know how to handle this because everytime I try to help her she strikes at me, I know she is not taking her meds properly and her imagination goes crazy, I cannot sleep well at night because I am so worried about what she will do and am afraid she will hurt herself, I love her regardless. I am disabled and cannot walk well, yet I am the one who is being forced into responsibility.
I believe if you have medical POA, you can move her willingly or not! If she is unable to make her own decisions, and there is proof of that from a doctor, you can also move her....It would be for her own good to be where they know how to provide for her....I have talked to many agencies that say the same....her combative behavior should be able to be helped with drugs as well...! I would think hospice or your home health people can help you with any of these problems as well.....Good luck, God Bless

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