Just started hospice volunteer training. Would appreciate any tips, experience folks may have on this topic.

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Has anyone served as a hospice volunteer ? How was it? Is it a worthwhile thing to do or have you seen volunteers make things worse? Any thought or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks.


You already have a big heart. Now grow some Big Ears, because those involved in the struggle need someone who will listen, not judge, and offer suggestions instead of lectures.
Excellent advice Pam. Thanks for your thoughts.
My daughter was a hospice nurse and is now home with a little baby. When she goes back to work she wants to go back to hospice care. She loved it. There should be some training for you to be able to address the family's needs. How to approach difficult subjects, how to make the patient and family feel cared for, etc. You need guidance as to how to handle difficult people. people can be pretty awful at times but I think the positive far out weighs the negative.

She was forever changed. In a positive way. Good luck to you.

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