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My sister hounded my mother into signing her house over to her, and Mom gets to live in it until she dies. My sister and her husband have a home with a mortgage a few blocks from my Mother’s house. In exchange, my sister will take her to all of her appointments, for groceries, etc. Well, of course, now my sister never shows her face. Mom leaves messages on her voicemail, but my sister doesn’t even call her back. They all live in Ohio and I live in Florida. My sister has always been a difficult narcissist person. I could scream.


That's very sad for your mom. Did she get sister's promise in writing? 

Is this information gathered from your mom?  Have you talked to your sister about her side of the story?

Your mother might consider calling Adult Protective Services and reporting this as financial abuse.
Oh dear. Poor mother.

What does she expect you to do about it?
Wow, your sister got a (suspiciously) good deal! All I got was an old car (although with low mileage) in exchange for being my mother's taxi service.

I echo Countrymouse's question....what does your mother expect you to do about it? Surely you aren't going to pay for your mother's transportation, are you?

I bet your sister got nothing in writing about her duties regarding driving in exchange for signing the title of the house over to her. What happens if your mother needs more care? Does she have any money for that care?
No, Mom didn’t get anything in writing that my sister would help with her care. She is 97 and still lives alone, but probably shouldn’t. The biggest problem is she’s lonely, since my sister doesn’t come over or answer her phone. I think she probably also feels betrayed.

Mom has Medicare and private pay, as a minister’s wife. She would qualify for Medicaid if she had to go to a NH, since Dad’s social security is her only income.

I think Mom thinks I’m a safe one to talk to since I live so far away. I think she feels overwhelmed. I feel bad for her and I imagine my sister will have terrible karma, fingers crossed.
Becky the house transfer to sister will cause a Medicaid transfer penalty if it occurred in the last 5 years. A life estate is only a part kept by mom, but the rest could be called gifting to your sister. Consult an attorney now before it is a problem.
How long ago was the house transferred? That could cause very many Medicaid problems.
Thanks for all of your comments. I will have to get more details and see what I can find out.
You may want to check your county clerk and recorder website. Some counties have all documents that have been recorded available online. The assessor records and mapping would show the home ownership.
Since you live far away, you don't really know what goes on. However you can get a copy of the deed from the courthouse and have an attorney look it over. I always thought a deed of gift could be rescinded anytime the owner (your mom) decided she wanted to make a change. But it doesn't matter what I think. What matters is what the deed says and what the law is.
But of course the most important thing is what does your mom do now that she needs help. Her primary asset I assume is her home. If she needs it to pay for her care, then she can sell it. Who is getting your moms groceries? Who is taking her for appointments? Check you facts before you make decisions about what is going on. Sometimes at 97, never means since yesterday. At 97 someone has been getting groceries and seeing to things. No doubt you need to lay eyes on mom to see what is going on. Sooner the better.Let us know what you find out.
If your Mother is not in her right mind, and you can prove that your sister is just taking advantage of her. Then you should contact Adult protective services. On aging & Disability. I have a Brother that did the same thing to my Mother. Now he is a Felon

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