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OH MY LORD I JUST GOT MY CAREGIVER'S BILL AND IT'S $963.00 for 1 week. I'm paying $20.95 an hour. I'm cutting her down to 3 days a week @ 8 hours and that's that.


W hy are you paying the bill your sister lives there and if she is paying your Mom rent then you Mom can pay that amount towards the care anf if she is not paying rent why can't she pay for the care as ahe can aford it and take care of your Mom the rest of the time.
My sister works, leave in the morning @ 5:50am 3:00pm mon-thur, picks up her daughter from school and get's home at 5:30 pm....off Fri, Sat, and Sun. My brother in law leaves the house daily mon-fri 4:30am to 4pm. My nephew sleeps all day long in the living room, get's up just b4 his dad comes home. The care giver worked a lot last week because of my sister being in the hospital but her hours are gonna be mon tues 7-3, Fri 7-7, Sat 7-3. I will go over Tuesday stay till Friday 7 am. Come home and be home Fri, Sat, Sun. The we'll start all over again.

I couldn't do it all by myself, I just couldn't plus I'm going to be going back to work first part of March.
I go to work monday-friday 6:30 to 4:30. When I get home I have my grandchildren, along with my dad throughout the evening until their mother picks them up late in the evening. It is absolutely exhausting. My siblings come in for a few hours a day while I am gone to stay with my dad but when I get home nobody ever comes by. Thus every night and every weekend is up to me. It is almost like "thats ok, you are there so we dont need to be". Whenever I am lucky to have a day off work it is just assumed that they are off of their duty for the day since I am home. I just want a break, I want to visit my own home. (I have moved into my dads house physically...So I am basically maintaining 2 homes all whenever I can find the time). I am physically and emotionally drained. AAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHH.
Wittnitt you are an angel who deserves a break!

Have you asked your siblings to give you a bigger window of time for a break? if you have and they haven't what would happen if you asked them to come over on a Friday, let them watch the grandkids till their mom picks them up, and just you didn't come back until Sunday evening????
Wittnitt, I offer my sympathy. Your plate is piled way too high. Do you have to care for the grandkids every day? Shame on the sibs for "letting" you do most of it. Why is it that one kid out of the family always has to carry more of the load than the others?
Can you tell them how you feel, especially about wanting to be in your own home sometimes? You deserve to have time for yourself. I think pamela6148 hit on a good idea!
More than likely if I asked, they would come over for just an hour or so. I am sure they all would have things to do. (I am a little frustrated, cant you tell) And then I would be my wondering the whole time is someone is there and I would feel horrible if they werent and my dad was lonely. I havent figured out why everyone thinks that a 30-60 minutes visit with dad fulfills their obligations for the week.....oh, I know why, its because I am there.
Yep it is because you're there. Certainly you'll be worried if your dad is alone but you should still try it, have someone come out and just goooooooooooooooooo! You can also call and say you won't be back till Sunday night. Believe me they won't leave him alone. You've got to spend time with yourself. Even if you rent a room at a nice swank hotel like the Ritz-Carlton (right) and stay there. What's wrong with that. Give it a try. Heck park down the street and just kick back in your car somewhere you can watch. Listen to the radio, talk radio, music, sports stations whatever it's you and you alone.

Take some time.
I sometimes think my only saving grace is the fact that I work 8 hours a day. I even think that a 12 hour shift would even feel like a vacation. HA!
and so it is sweetie. I understand, I really do.
alwaysmyduty, I do have my grandchild monday through friday after I get home from work because her mom (single) works 2nd shift. I have had her since she was born and sometimes feel lost when she isnt here, but I am getting too old for this. HA! I dont know if I am just having a pity party for myself right now. My entire life I have just kind of rolled with the flow but lately I have really had some emotional moments that I do not like. It does concern me that I am beginning to let things get to me more than I should.

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