Jesus as a caregiver.

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Below is an excerpt from an article on caregiving:

Unless Joseph was stricken by sudden death, he would have needed end of life care like everyone else. We don't know if Joseph had a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, cancer, ALS, Alzheimer's, or dementia that led to his death. But it is possible nonetheless that he needed care for months or even years before he passed on. I believe that Mary and Jesus would have taken the responsibility to care for Joseph very seriously. We know that Jesus loved Lazarus; imagine for a moment how much more emotional Joseph's failing health and death made Jesus. He would have put all his heart into Joseph's care.

Here is what I am getting at: It is entirely possible that Jesus shared in the caregiving ministry with us.

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Do you think it is possible Jesus was a caregiver? Your thoughts and reflections are very welcomed. Thank you!


Are you for real?
It is possible that Jesus was a podiatrist, or a social worker, or a husband. He might have been a Dad. He might have had a brother with a cleft palate. He might have patiently taught a little sister to read. There are no records of these activities. Speculating on them is open to anyone. But speculating doesn't change anything for me.

Would it be useful to me to think that Jesus was a caregiver? Or that Moses was, or Buddah, or Muhammad? I don't see how.
Jesus was 33 when He died. He was not a senior citizen.
I'm not sure what the point of that piece is, but.....

In the Bronze Age (Jesus' era), old age was around 40. Over 40 was ancient.
I don't believe they had many incidences of dementia or modern day old age related problems simply because people just did not exist that long. There were so many other things that would get you way before a dementia could set it.

Men were not caregivers traditionally speaking, back then. That was women's work. Just like child rearing.

It's very easy to misinterpret the past looking through modern day lenses, and project today's sentiments and ways of being onto that time. But it's false.
I just wasted 2 minutes of my precious time on this nonsense.. "Help me Jesus"..
i dont have any religious beliefs but i know from experience that as difficult as it is , taking up the slack as a family elder regresses and becomes helpless is possibly the most satisfying thing a person will ever do .
the hardest things in life generally are the most rewarding .
i have no fond memories of the military . every job i ever had out - sucked the previous one . my marriage ended badly and now occupational based arthritis is making life difficult but i feel fulfilled in that i was my mothers domestic partner as her life came to an end .
in hindsight we were propping up each other .
It's technically possible that a 20-30 yr old male in Jesus' time and culture, would have done some caregiving for his senior (40+) father. There are lots of stories of what Jesus did with his time, things like attending weddings (turning water into wine), preaching about forgiveness, writing famous sayings (Sermon on Mount), inventing 2,000 year old Traditions (baptism), walking on water, healing the woman with hemorrhage, raising Lazarus from dead, mixing his saliva with dirt, putting it onto a blind man's eyes & he could see, throwing unethical money changers out of the Temple courtyard, and many other things documented in the New Testament (first 3 books which are Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke). If Jesus did all these "works" for people other than his own dear Dad, it was only because Jesus was away from home on a secret mission. I do recall Jesus said something like, whatever we (that's you and me) do for the least of those among us, we have done for Him. So go feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give to the poor, take care of the widows......did I just make up what I'm writing here, or is every bit of this things you've already read or heard about in the New Testament or in church, or on bumperstickers, or from the mouths of babes?
YES Jesus was a caretaker. Correction, He was and is a Caregiver, and a good model for the rest of us (regardless of your beliefs as to His Divine Nature).
Your speculative question distracts greatly from the purpose for which Jesus came.

Cmagnum - true, it seems that perhaps she is looking at him in a historical context and not as our Lord & Saviour. Jesus as caregiver is an understatement. All of the's hard to know that He can, and you ask, but He doesn't. His ways aren't ours, Thank God :)
Happy Easter, or if you prefer, Resurrection Day!

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