Fascinating 60 Minutes 2-Part segment on living past 90 and staying healthy.

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They may strip these links out (please don't!). This was an eye-opening two-part segment from 60 Minutes on some new large-scale research on living past 90 while staying vital. They looked at Alzheimers and dementia and how to avoid it and what things helped and didn't help seniors reach 90 while staying active and healthy.

There are some SURPRISING results! Like low blood pressure is BAD when you're older. And keeping some weight on is good. (I've just got my extra weight about 30 years too soon, LOL!). If they strip the links, Google "60 Minutes Living to 90 and beyond".

Part 1: youtube/watch?v=ULehA1JbtEY

Part 2: youtube/watch?v=JVF_6_8z9Xk


I saw the segment when it aired. This is a small and wealthy fraction of people and in no way represents the average American walking down the street.
Thanks for this post, Blannie. I missed it when it first aired (or maybe saw it and don't remember, hmmmm???.....) I'm so glad they are studying aging and the factors that correlate with dementia. Even if this is a selected portion of the total US population, it was still over 14,000 people who completed questionnaires, 1600 of whom are still alive and able to provide incredible follow up detail about their lives, all of which becomes part of the study - and many have agreed to donate their brains after their death too. They've already discovered some surprising conclusions from their data, like the ones Blannie mentioned. Plus, some people have the classic plaques and tangles of Alzheimers, yet have no dementia symptoms, and other people have Alzheimers-like symptoms, yet no plaques or tangles at all. They've discovered that microinfarcts can cause many of the same symptoms. The conclusion of the neurologist in charge of the study is that the complete answer may in fact be a complex interaction of several factors rather than the simple answer that we'd all like. So I'm all for this study. We're all going to be very old one day, if we're lucky, and anything that helps shed light on these terrible conditions so we can better prepare for them is time and money well spent in my book. Peace.
I agree Tesoro12! That's a very large sample size for a 30+ year longitudinal study, whether they're wealthy or not. Cell biology is cell biology whether a person is rich or poor. I'm sure those folks had better healthcare and diet than many, but you have to start somewhere with understanding human biological mechanisms.

The low blood pressure/stroke connection really got my attention. I hope by the time we get to their age, they understand more about it.
I saw one part of this, and they did say drinking red wine seemed of benefit. So something that feels good to do, is actually good for your health, in the long run.
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